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Tap Dance Timeline

No description

Lucy West

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Tap Dance Timeline

Tap Dance Timeline
A Unique American Style
British Isles Clog and Step Dancing
Rhythms of West African Drumming and Dancing
Minstrel Shows
White Dancers colored the faces brown
Battles to determine most authentic styles of dance
William Henry Lane
created truly rhythmically complex dances
Hip-Hop Funk Tap
Savion Glover
started a new era of rhythm tap style
Also known as "Power Tapping" because of it's dense, hard-hitting rhythms
Tap in the Movies
Fred Astaire
began the movement of dance in films
Performed in 31 musical films during his career
The Jazz Era
Jazz music allowed for more complex rhythms
Bill "Bojangles" Robinson
transformed tap to a light, swinging style
1920's - 1930's
John Bubbles
popularized a slower style of tap dancing
Brought Jazz and Tap styles together
Gregory Hines
sparked an interest in tap dance again among young African Americans
Flash Techniques
The Nicholas Brothers
started using flash techniques, including more tricks in their performances
Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly continued some of Fred Astaire's traditions, including Kelly's performance in
Singing in the Rain
National Tap Dance Day was declared as May 25th in 1989
November 21st, 2014
Exploring Academic Careers gets to create beautiful art in the form of Tap dancing!
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