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Role of Media in Molding the Youth

No description

Umama Raheem

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Role of Media in Molding the Youth

Women Gossips
more than
Men ? A third of men are happiest when chatting with work colleagues.
58 per cent admit that being a gossip makes them feel "part of the gang".
31 per cent of men, having a gossip with their partner is actually better than sexual relations. Women also love to talk about news, but rather than focusing on politics or government issues, news about soap operas and celebrities are more likely to cause a debate
Any type of relationship is up for discussion – whether it is their own, their friends, their friends' friends or their bond with their mother-in-law. A spokesman for Onepoll said: "It is commonly believed that women are the ones who love to spread rumors, and gossip about their friends behind their backs. But this poll proves that men aren't as bad as women, they're worse! A new study carried out recently by psychology lecturers at the Western Canadian University, Canada.
Men chat about shared activities such as sports, which automatically brings them closer while women chat about physical appearance – which can endanger friendships.
The poll of 5,000 people was conducted by global research company, Onepoll.
Men spend an average of 76 minutes a day chatting and gossiping with their friends or work colleagues, compared to just 52 minutes for women. David Sales, the director of British Telecom, said: men should now be branded the worst gossips . "Men who complain about women’s gassing can think again as they have now been crowned the new kings of gossip. Disapproved Dr Geoff Scobie, a senior
psychologist at Glasgow
University, agreed that men’s
gossip tended to be much
more malicious.
''Men tend to talk about other
people and when they talk
behind someone’s back, they
are much more into character
assassination." Men Gossips more than Women
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