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SW 351 Biological Aspects of Young and Middle Adulthood

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on 9 March 2017

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Transcript of SW 351 Biological Aspects of Young and Middle Adulthood

Biological Aspects of Young and Middle Adulthood
Young Adulthood
Female Menopause
The cessation of menses - decrease in estrogen, ovulation ends
Male Climacteric
Reassessment - "a time when a man reevaluates his marriage and his family life"
Midlife Crisis?
What do we associate with a midlife crisis?
Guam Hope Project
SW 660 T. Diaz
Median age 51 years, range 36 to 50s
Hot flashes
When does menopause end?
What is the controversy about hormone
replacement therapy?
How does one adjust to menopause?
Marked by a combination of biological and psychological factors
Do we view it differently for men and women? Why or why not?
What are the implications for social work?
GUAM HIV/AIDS Case Surveillance Report 2013
Women and HIV/AIDS in the U.S.
Next Week: March 6 & 8
Oklahoma's Sigma Alpha Epsilon
For our purposes, we'll consider ages 18 to 30
Young adults are in their prime. It is the healthiest time in their lives.
Maximum muscles strength between ages 25 - 30.
Eyesight and hearing is sharpest at age 20.

Women report more illness than men, but this may be because they seek healthcare more or due to issues connected to reproductive system.

Young adult health concerns
acute respiratory issues


chronic health: spinal, hearing, arthritis, and hypertension

socioeconomic status is a determinant of health

sexually transmitted infections
Breast Cancer
Risk Factors
March 6: Chamoru Heritage Day
(no class)
March 8: Read Ch. 11
Psychological Aspects of Young and Middle Adulthood
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