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Themes, Motifs and Symbols in Hamlet

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İbrahim Başarır

on 1 January 2013

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Transcript of Themes, Motifs and Symbols in Hamlet

Hamlet William Shakespeare Themes in Hamlet Motifs in Hamlet themes, motifs and symbols
in Hamlet To be, or not to be: that is the question. Symbols The Impossibility of Certainty In Hamlet we can find questions about the certainty of facts. - Can we have certain knowledge about ghosts?
- How can we know for certain the fact abour crime that has no witness. Hamlet has been seen as a play about indecisivenes. Hamlet shows a life of uncertainties. The Complexity of Action The Questions of How Act is Affected by; Need of Certainty Factors
Emotional Factors
Etnichal Factors
Psychological Factos Hamlet Other Characters Thinks abstractly about action
His Actions are violent Do not care so much about how to act.
Their actions are controlled.
The results of their actions leads them to diagrace. The Nation as Diseased Body Denmark is frequently described as ill body by the moral corruption of the monarchs
At the end, when Fortimbras takes the power, it suggested that Denmark will be strengthen again. Royal Family The Nation
Welfare Actions Incest
and Incestuous Desire Gertrude and Claduis Leartes and Ophelia Hamlet and Gertrude Brother in-law and Sister in-law now married. Leartes speaks her in sexual terms
He leaps her into her grave to hold in his arms. Hamlet's preoccupation for her. Misogyny Misogyny occurs rarely throughout the play.
Hamlet becomes cynical about woman in general
There is a connection between female sexuality and corruption.
It is an inhibiting factor in Hamlet's relationship with Ophelia and Gertrude. Ears and Hearing Words are used to communicate the ideas,
but also they can;
Distort the truth
Manipulate other people
Serve as tools in corrupt quests of power. The sinister uses of words are represented by images of ears and hearing:
Claudius’s murder of the king by pouring poison in his ear
Yorick’s Skull Hamlet fixates on death’s impossible to prevent and the disintegration of the body.
No one can avoid death. Poison Poison plays a big role in Hamlet. It is a symbol of betrayal, corruption, deceit, revenge and death. Ophelia’s Flowers Flowers are delicate and a symbol of innocence, but could also be a symbol of her blossoming sexuality. Thank You Ibrahim BASARIR - 2100502367
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