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WWII Scrapbook - Hitler Youth Group

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Marybelle Panlilio

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of WWII Scrapbook - Hitler Youth Group

Hitler Youth Scrapbook
Hannah Hauffe, 1935-1936
Today marks the beginning of my adventure. I'm finally joining the Jungmädelbund (Young Girl's League)! I'm very excited!
Timeline from 1935-1936
January 2, 1935 -
I joined the Jungmädelbund
January 13, 1935 -
Saar region annexed by Germany
February 26, 1935 -
Hermann Göring ordered by Hitler to establish Luftwaffe
March 16, 1935 -
Hitler defies Versailles Treaty by renewing the military draft
September 15, 1935 -
Nuremberg Laws decreed
February 10, 1936 -
German Gestapo placed above German law
March 7, 1936 -
Nazis occupy the Rhineland
June 17, 1936 -
Heinrich Himmler appointed as chief of German police
July 12, 1936 -
First German Gypsies arrested and deported to Dachau concentration camp
November 1, 1936
- Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini form a military alliance
Newspaper Article 1 - 1936
Personal News Article
This is a newspaper article announcing the First Hitler Youth law. This law says that children 10 and older must join the Hitler Youth. I'm excited to hear this news. This meant that more members would be able to join!
Authentic Photograph 1 - 1935
These are the Nuremberg Laws that were recently passed. They deprived German Jews of their citizenship, limited the work they could do, and forbade marriages between Jews and non-Jews. Father was discussing these laws with us during dinner. He said the Jews deserve this after all the problems they caused. I agreed with him, but thinking about it now, I can't help but feel sorry for the Jews. I think that they're still people too, and they didn't really deserve these laws imposed on them.
Authentic Photograph 10 - 1936
This is a picture one of my friends took at the Olympic Games. I'm so happy that they're being held here in Germany! People will surely see the greatness of our country in the Olympics!
Hitler Youth Membership Reaches 5 Million!

A picture of the Hitler Youth at a rally
Today, the Hitler Youth has reached 5 million members! It was created in 1922, and officially became an integral part of the Strumabteilung, or Storm Regiment in 1926. The Strumabteilung helps with providing protection for Nazi rallies and assembies.

In the Hitler Youth, there are two organizations; one for boys and one for girls. Boys join the Deutsches Jungvolk, where they learned about the principles of National Socialism. They also participated in sports, camping,and hiking. At age 13, they are transferred to the Hitler Jugend, where they practiced military athletics. The girls join the Jungmädelbund, where they were lectured about the duties of a Jungmädel. At age 14, they are transferred to the Bund Deutscher Mädel, where they learn about the duties of being a mother.
Authentic Photograph 2 - 1935
Here, Hitler is holding a little child. He's very nice! I deeply admire him, and I wonder why others call him a monster. Father says it's because they're scared and jealous of Hitler. That made me mad. How dare they make accusations out of fear!
Authentic Photograph 3 - 1935
Today, Father, Mother, and I listened to one of Hitler's speeches over the radio He is amazing at giving speeches! He talked about how Germany would take back the lands lost from the Treaty of Versailles, and how we would prove our worth to the world. We all grew emotional to his speech.
Authentic Photograph 4 - 1935
These are the girls in the Bund Deutscher Mädel. The one in the very front is my cousin. I adore her! She's pretty, well-mannered, and knows her way to be a good mother. She's the perfect German woman. I hope to become like her one day!
Authentic Photograph 5 - 1935
These are the uniforms we have to wear. Some of my friends don't like wearing them, but I don't mind it. I like how the skirt flows when I run.
Authentic Photograph 6 - 1935
This is when we went on a hike for one of our activities. This was to show us an example as to what our final test before we go to the Bund Deutscher Mädel will be like.
Authentic Photograph 7 - 1936
This is one of our activities that we did last night. Basically, we burn books that do not support the Nazi ideals It takes a long time to set up, and it is also boring. However, we are required to attend it, as the leaders say it will be beneficial for us in the future.
Authentic Photograph 8 - 1936
Today was a very special day! We visited Adolf Hitler today. Everyone was cheering and doing the Nazi salute. We gave him flowers and kissed his hand.
Authentic Photograph 9 - 1936
This is my best friend, Marie Heine. In this picture, she's practicing gymnastics. We understand each other very well, so much that we can finish each other's sentences!
Newspaper Article 2 - 1935
This is a newspaper article after the pass of the Nuremberg Laws. People are celebrating of the rights taken away from the Jews. Father was overjoyed. He called over his friends to come and celebrate that day. I helped Mother prepare the food for our guests.
Newspaper Article 3 - 1935
This newspaper article talked about how demonic Jewish people are. In the picture. they cut holes in the others to place on a plate. It struck fear in me, but I don't think this is how the Jews are.
Newspaper Article 4 - 1936
Newspaper Article 5 - 1936
Marie's little brother, Volker, ran up to me with a huge smile on his face. He had this newspaper with him. It had an article telling how the German army took back the Rhineland. I cheered. It was one step closer to retaking our lost land!
Mother gasped when she saw this article in the news today. Apparently, the lady is being killed while the man (presumably Jewish) is stealing her pearls. Father assured Mother he won't let that happen to her or me. I love it when Father shows his gentle side. It reminds me of the stories Mother told me about how they met.
December 11, 1935
It's been 10 days since the First Hitler Youth Law went into effect. We've been getting more members each day. It makes me very happy to know many are abiding by the law.
I've been entrusted to teach some of the members. So far, I've been told I've been doing a good job. I feel so proud! Thankfully, the new members have been cooperating with me.
January 1, 1936
It's a new year. I wonder what's in store for this year? I can only hope more members will join. I'm tired from celebrating now, but before, the excitement of celebrating flowed through me!
July 12, 1936
Today, it was announced that German Gypsies were deported to concentration camps. I asked Father what a concentration camp was, but he said he was too busy to answer. I was sad he couldn't answer me,
but I had the feeling concentration camps weren't a good thing.
Artifact 1 - Hitler Youth Knife (1935)
This was the knife given to me when I first joined. When I brought it home and showed Father, he applauded. He told me he would teach me to use it in self-defense. When I asked why I would need self-defense, he told me I would need it to keep the Jews away from me.
Artifact 2 - Letter from Mother and Father (1935)
Mother and Father sent me this letter. It told me that they were doing well at home, and they were proud of my achievements here at the Jungmädelbund. I love both of them very much!
Artifact 3 - School Picture (1936)
Artifact 4 - Hitler Youth Flag (1936)
Artifact 5 - Photo of Friends (1936)
This is a class picture from school. I remember having a Jewish classmate. She was expelled in 1935, but didn't cause any trouble. I wanted to be friends with her, but I didn't want to get in trouble with Father. I wonder how she's doing now?
This is the general Hitler Youth Flag. We would stand outside and recite the Hitler Youth prayer before we attended our lectures on the topics the leaders decided to talk about today.
This is a photograph of my friends and I. We're enjoying a break from our lectures and activities. We always loved to chase each other in the grassy fields.
Document Relevant to my Experience 1 - 1935
I remember this line from when Mother, Father, and I listened to Hitler's speech on the radio. I tried to understand what it meant. I'm still trying to figure out what it means. One day, I'll get it!
Document Relevant to my Experience 2 - 1935
This is a poster of a German girl posing with the Hitler Youth flag. It was posted after the First Hitler Youth Law in order to increase recruitment. I was puzzled by this. Why would you post posters encouraging recruitment when it is mandatory?
The End!
By: Marybelle Panlilio
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