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Zoe Christie

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of POWER UNIT


CLASS: Year 8 "FUSE"
TIME LINE: 8 weeks
SCHOOL: Surf Coast Secondary College
Pre/Post testing : used to group students into different tutorials and give data to students about what level of self directed task they should be doing
Proposal video - 40 most powerful images of 2012 (you tube)
Sample of tasks completed so far... Students post this work on their blog, reflect on what they have learnt and what they did well/could improve on. They then have a peer mentor that comments on their work, as well as their teacher.
Screen shot of creative book builder on rock cycle and erosion
Part of task H7 about deforestation and global environmental campaigns
What work do the students complete?
Students are expected to complete each of the three learning targets in the four domains, although depending on conversations with their teachers and modifications this can be decreased. The skills and knowledge used in these tasks give students the foundation to complete their final application task - the CBL project.
Students quickly understood the concept of the three different types of power. They immediately gravitated towards the individual and social power, and needed more support in the connections with the physical power - particularly because our focuses are on the rock cycle and microbes (mold and bacteria). They could very easily articulate whom they saw as powerful individuals within the global community.
There is still some work to be done to really strongly link all tasks to the big idea. We don't want to compromise the explicit teaching we do (ie. Maths and Linear Equations) but we sometimes feel the links are tenuous at best.
CBL Solution Projects
Work still to be done..... (finish this unit week 4 term 4)
Timing was really difficult for us and we didn't want to compromise our previous unit.
We took our teacher generated guiding questions, and the student generated guiding questions and selected four that "live" at the top of the capacity matrix we use with the students over the rest of the unit.
Student generated guiding questions
Work Sample - Power and iMovie
Work Sample - Power and Poetry
A selection of some of the different tasks students completed as part of the immersion
Unit Timing
Week 1 Immersion and guiding questions
Pre-testing (Maths and English)

Week 2 - 6 Maths and English Tutorial groups
Humanities and Science Workshops
Self Directed tasks (guiding activities)

Week 7 - 8 Challenge Based Learning Solution
Post testing (Maths and English)
Immersion : a series of experiences that engage student in the big idea and generate guiding questions that the students are interested in that we use to inform the final CBL solutions
Self Directed Tasks - These are given to the students in a "capacity matrix" and a teacher generated iBook
CBL Final Solution : Students apply the knowledge gained through completing the unit. They are grouped in "like" interests and have equivalent of 10.5hours in class time to complete the work.
What does power mean to you?
Find 3 images that represent power of the individual, social and physical (keynote, advanced google search)
Powerful quotes - write your own. (padlet)
Write a rap/poem/draw a picture/put on a play/make a movie trailer explaining what power can look like. (iMovie, Pages, Notes, Pens and Pencils!)
1 Who has power?
2 How do you measure power?
3 What is the power of choice?
4 How have different powers changed our history?
Capacity Matrix
iBook (48 task cards)
Task Card
We try to ensure that our CBL solutions can link back to what the students have been completing in the guiding activities (task card)
We are working hard to ensure that students are working at the appropriate level, which is why the pre-testing regime is so important, and also the teachers knowing their students and regularly have one-one conferences/learning conversations with them.
We found it easier when we decided to only put into the iBook a sample of the guiding activities, although we have seen the potential of using a similar structure to have a resource for new teachers in each year level next year (particularly as we are a growing school)
We didn't realise how much we had personalised the CBL process for SCSC until we sat down and tried to fit it into the iBook
Screen shot of student blog
Full transcript