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Copy of Copy of 3D Hot air balloons

No description

Thales Gabay

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of 3D Hot air balloons

Yr 11 english studies
Poetry oral presentation
All three poems use similar techniques to examine the themes of 'Carpe Diem', time and mortality.
rhyme and rhythm
These techniques include:
yr eleven English studies class
changing demographics
gen Y = 25 % of workforce
how to engage and motivate them ?
management principles in action
targeted in our SAP
client focus

foster transversal cooperation
expand client awareness across the organization
people care
set SMART objectives
provide regular and constructive feedback
challenge and support
recognize and reward
can we make the firm
a more
client focused organization
utilizing CRM technology ?
can we change CRM tools
from a system of data recording
into a system of
engagement and collaboration
yes we can !
CRM technology presents a unique opportunity to :
measurably improve understanding of
client needs
to client requirements
engagement and collaboration
to another level
if we can:
ensure broad-based CRM adoption throghout
secure senior management's full support
leverage on resources created by Change Program

let's float some ideas !
new generation of employees demands
real time feedback
, continuous growth,
social collaboration
, transparency and
current state of painful once-a-year appraisal isn't going to cut it
let the game begin !
enterprise gamification
game design and mechanics applied to a non-game context in business processes
to engange and motivate employees
fast and meaningful feedback + transparency

"how am I doing ?" + clear rules
sense of progress + series of small wins

validate skills and abilities of others


competitive advantage
leveling up
long-term sustained achievement and status

respect among peers

expert discovery
teaming up

to pursue a specific goals / challenges
by 2015, 40% of Global 1000 organizations will use gamification as the primary mechanism to transform business operations
[ Gartner ]
gamification layer built on top of CRM
in house development or external vendor ?
reinforcing broad CRM usage
internal branding
adequate IT support – especially during roll-out
CRM should be a standard KPI for all marketing personnel

leveraging and sharing client information
product-focused >> client-focused
re-think reporting
create client experience information fields and reports in CRM
client snapshot / 360 view
client-focused representation in CRM

leveraging and sharing client information
measuring success
% of client wallet share increasing
client satisfaction & discovery surveys
survey templates to be completed by sales after client meetings
client tracker

Strategic Action Plan
create a SteerCo mandated by senior management and chaired by SM
representation to include all key business lines and regions
with the mission to ensure new CRM technologies are developed and deployed
in order to become a more client-focused organization

higher level of engagement and collaboration
efficiently breaking
across silos
coherently understanding client experience
better response
to client needs
generate increased client brand loyalty
deeper, broader more profitable relationships
the most critical and sometimes overlooked
component of enterprise software project success
user adoption
[ The CRM Field Guide ]
70% failed CRM projects are primarily caused
lack of user adoption

[ Forrester Research ]
client focus
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