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Effects of the Russian Revolution of 1917

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Jacob Austin

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Effects of the Russian Revolution of 1917

Effects of the Russian Revolution of 1917 Economic Cons Pros Social Economic Political Social The banks are nationalized and a national
assembly is assembled to run the economy.
Industrial growth and organization of economy on
five year plans. Political End of Autocratic Rule
Establishment of a Socialist/Communist government.
Withdrawal of Russia from WWI
Formation of the Soviet Union.
Emergence of Soviet Union as a world power. Withdrawal of Russia from WWI.
Spread of Communism throughout
the world.
Tremendous focus on education led to huge impact on the population.
Criticism of Imperialism. Economically, the country became destabilized.
Due to crash led to starvation and lack of public order. Traded one absolute ruler for another.
Increase of global tensions between Capitalists and Communists.
A third of Russia's population sliced away by the Brest-Litvosk treaty in March 1918.
Led to Cold War at the end of WWII. Thousands killed in the aftermath for not sharing the same beliefs.
Lenin began using secret police to put down and potential dissidents.
The people were not united. Jacob L. Austin By
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