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Why is

No description

Belcher Chan

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of Why is

Is it HK's first homemade plane or HK's first homemade plane to fly across the world?
-The B-KOO “Inspiration” is the first aircraft constructed, registered and certified in Hong Kong.
What may be the difficulties they encounter when flying the plane across the world?
- SCMP 29/8/16

-Crowded airports
Do the pilots of this plane go through special training or are they just normal pilots?
-Normal pilots

How did St Paul's Convent School help in this project?
-Final assembly of the components completed in St. Paul's Convent School
- Home-made aircraft
How is a "round the world" plane different from normal planes?

- Doesn't have to be Non-stop flight

-Ruten Voyager-- flew across the world without stopping or refueling

-B-KOO "inspiration" -- Less fuel capacity than most airplanes that flew across the world
-Flying without enough rest
-Should provide special training as it is dangerous
-Students construct the empennage, wing and fuselage of the aircraft
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