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Should the paparazzi be banned?

No description

Malana Menzies

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Should the paparazzi be banned?

Should the paparazzi be banned?
What are paparazzi?

The technical definition of paparazzi is photo journalists who specialize in candid photography of celebrities, politicians & other prominent people. Journalists are part of the press.

Negatives of the paparazzi
Celebrities can become over-exposed & sometimes the public can get bored.
Cause stress and anxiety among celebrities and others.
They are responsible for fatal accidents.
They invade the privacy of the celebrities.
Alternate Options
Paparazzi should be restricted to events only.
They should not be allowed within 500 meters of celebrity homes
Forbidden to chase celebrities in vehicles.
The amount of money a paparazzo earns per picture should be taken down by $200 so less people would want to be in the business.
Positives of paparazzi
They enhance a celebrities career by keeping them in the public eye.
Feed the gossip hunger of the public.
Allows the public to see celebrities and other public figures as being relatible or as role models.
Creates jobs.
Causes stress & anxiety among celebrities and others
Negative #1
Being constantly hounded by paparazzi also adds emotional stress and fatigue.
Also Kim Kardashian's MD claims that her psoriasis is caused by stress and her hectic lifestyle.
Negative #2
They invade the privacy of the celebrities.
Paparazzi will go to major lengths to get the photos that they need.
They show up when celebrities are at home,on vacation, shopping,eating out with friends, walking their dog etc.
This causes major stress for celebrities especially if they have children.
Negative #3
They are responsible for fatal accidents
Princess Diana of Wales 1961-1997.
Paparazzi were chasing her car as she left the Ritz Hotel in Paris after a night out with her boyfriend of the time.
All three people (Diana, Dodi Fayed and the driver) were all killed due to the crash.
Negative #3 cont.
The death of Diana was at the fault of the paparazzi and the driver.
It is believed that the driver lost control of the car at the entrance of Place de l'Alma underpass and collided head on with the 13th pillar supporting the roof.
Chris Guerra 1984-2013.
Chris Guerra was a freelance photographer who, on January 1st 2013 was trying to take photos of Justin Bieber's white Ferrari after he thought he had seen the singer smoking marijuana in his car earlier that day.
The remains of the wrecked car that carried Diana, Dodi and the driver.
Princess Diana after she was pulled from the wreckage.
Chris was struck and killed by an SUV as he was walking back to his vehicle after orders of the LA police after they pulled over Beiber's Ferrari (Who's friend, Lil Twist was driving).
The Bizzare World of Paparazzi.
A photo of an average A-lister earns a paparazzo an average of $250USD.
Some paparazzi have been known to set off fire alarms to get the photos of their selected target.
The most expensive photo so far is of a bald Britney Spears which sold for $500,000USD.
The term "paparazzo" was coined by cinematographer Federico Fellini in his 1959 Dolce Vita. It referred to a character always on the lookout for celebrity pictures.
Is it okay for the paparazzi to invade celebrities lives?
Overall I think that paparazzi should not be banned completely, but have major restrictions as to where they can take their photos, who the photos are of and the amount of money they earn from the photos.
Even though they are a big part of the economy they are also responsible for fatal accidents, mental health issues including psychological trauma and stress. This is why I think that paparazzi are an unnecessary part of society.
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