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Mothers Day

No description

David Kendall

on 5 March 2018

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Transcript of Mothers Day

Mothering Sunday
March 11th
This Sunday is a special day for the Christian Church.

Today, many people call it Mothers' Day but it comes from a long tradition.

It is believed to have begun in the 16th century but may be much earlier, some say back to the Ancient Greeks
Mother Church
The tradition came from people visiting their 'Mother Church'.

This then came to form a special day for mothers.

Later, it became the only day in Lent when people could break their fasting.

In the 19th century, maids from wealthy houses would visit their home bringing a special gift.

Children would pick flowers from the wayside to give to their mothers

Mothers' Day is now much more commercialised

Cards and presents are everywhere

But the important thing is to thank all those who care for us.

And other countries have their celebrations too!
Here, they celebrate Shevat 30 which falls between January and March

It celebrates the life of Henrietta Szold
Mothers' Day 21st March

Begun by Mustafa Amin, a journalist in Egypt

Now, many other Arabic countries also commemorate this day
Say Thank You
Mums, and all those who care for us don't always get it right

But it is right to say thank you to all those who care for us.

When we do so, we join with people all over the world, who share with us the joys and the sorrows that relationships bring.
Mothering Sunday
Simnel Cake
Celebrated on the second sunday in May.
Janet Heyden set up gifting presents to lonely mothers.

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