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BR upper Unit 16 preview

No description

Go English Live

on 30 October 2017

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Transcript of BR upper Unit 16 preview

BR Upper Unit 16
Career Breaks
Learning objectives
1. talking about career breaks
2. presenting personal cases
3. talking about taking time off
Is it common for kids to take a year off after high school?
Is it possible to take six months off of work?
What kind of problems would a six month leave cause the company?
Some takeaways to consider before taking time off.
1. Don't bank on your organization facilitating your path to enlightenment.
It's up to you and remember that the average age for retirement is 62 for women and 65 for men.
2. Manage your finances and spending expectations.
You can't contemplate time away from work unless you have the means to support yourself. Most experts focus on the saving habit, but I think the real secret lies in managing the spending habit.
3. Surround yourself with supportive people.
“Aren't you scared that people will think you're a drop out?”
It is best to ignore the naysayers and create an inner circle with people who really believe in you.
4. Make it meaningful.
“If all the year were playing holidays, To sport would be as tedious as to work.”
Your time off should include personal growth.
5. Don't think doors will close.
Employers are becoming more tolerant to breaks in resumes especially if you can demonstrate that the time was used in a meaningful way.
One of the myths about mini-retirements is that it shuts doors and leaves awkward employment gaps.
It's been a long term goal of mine to...
Take 20 minutes to write down your 20 year goals
Class challenge:
Take 10 minutes to write down your 10 year goals.
Tell me about your short term goals, what you expect to accomplish in the next six months.
I intend to
I'd really appreciate it if...
If you were to take 3 months off and just stay home, what would you do?
I'd visit my family.
I caught up on my reading- DIY jobs- soap operas.
Do you know a transitive verb is?
I like vacations.
main verb
I like going on vacation.
I like to go on vacation.
main verb
main verb
transitive verb
transitive verb
Followed by infinitive
Followed by a gerund
2 options
She would like to start her trip tomorrow.
After would like you have to use the infinitive.
I enjoy going out a lot.
After enjoy you have to use the gerund.
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