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The History of Frisbee

A brief explanation of the history and origins of frisbee and the games developed from it.

Ryan Hicks

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of The History of Frisbee

The Beginning and Origins of Frisbee
Branches of Frisbee
Ultimate Frisbee
Frisbee Golf
Guts Frisbee
Goaltimate Frisbee
Rounders Frisbee
The Frisbie Pie Company made pies that spread across the east coast. The tins were soon discovered to be great flying discs by college students.

More than 200 million Frisbees® have been sold in last 50 years – that's more than baseballs, footballs, and basketballs combined!
Wham-O was also the company that brought us the Hula Hoop.
Other toys that took the world by storm included Silly Putty, Slinky, and the Super Ball.
Wham-O was born in a garage in 1948 when entrepreneurs—and best friends—Richard Knerr and Arthur "Spuds" Melin began producing slingshots that sold for 75 cents. In 1982, Knerr and Melin sold out to Kransco Manufacturing for $12 million and retired. In 1994, Mattel purchased the toy maker. Now the Wham-O brand name is flying solo again as the newly formed Wham-O Inc.
Walter Frederick Morrison returned to the U.S. after WWII, coming from the now famous Stalag 13 prisoner of war camp. He was a carpenter by trade, but was searching for a more creative work.
Noticing America's craze for anything relating to flying saucers, Walter set out to perfect the pie tin design coming up with the first of what today is called the "frisbee"
Varieties of Frisbees
Promotional Frisbies
These frisbees are usually light and can
be purchased very cheeply. They are used for displaying your company's logo or promoting catchy frases or products.
Ultimate Frisbees
Ultimate frisbees range in weight anywhere from 120 grams to 200 grams. They are used when playing ultimate frisbee or just for recreational use and are most common.
Frisbee Golf Frisbees
Frisbee Golf discs are used for exactly that, frisbee golf. They are usually solid, as opposed to the hollowed out bottom design of regular frisbees. These frisbees are also usually heavier.
Rounders Frisbee
Rounders frisbee is baseball, but with
a frisbee. There is no pitcher. This game is
played almost exactly the same as regular
frisbee except that there are no strike outs;
batters just throw off the frisbee. Positions
stay the same.
Guts frisbee is when two players line
up about twenty yards away from one
another. The person with the frisbee
throws it as fast as possible and tries
to get a speed record (compared to the
other groups of two)
*note: for the throw to count, the frisbee
must be caught
Guts Frisbee
Ultimate Frisbee
Ultimate Frisbee is played on a 110 yard field
with 23 yard endzones. There is no contact. You have 10 seconds to get rid of the frisbee once it is in your posession. If the disc hits the ground or is intercepted the other team gains posession of the disc.
The first time the concept of the frisbee was ever concieved was in the early 16th century by the Sikhs of India. This item was called a chakram and was a deadly weapon used in combat. The weapon was a ring shaped piece of metal with a sharpened end and a hollow middle. These weapons could be thrown anywhere from 40-50 meeters and still be deadly.
Frisbee Golf
Frisbee golf is played like regular golf.
There is a "hole" that is really a bucket-like
metal bin that the frisbee is thrown towards.
The goal is to get your frisbees in the holes
in less throws than your opponents. The discs
used in frisbee golf are different than thosed
used in ultimate.
Goaltimate Frisbee
Goaltimate frisbee is played on a long field
similar to a football field. Unlike regular
ultimate frisbee, goaltimate is played with goals (who could have guessed?) instead of endzones. You can choose to play until a certain number of points are accumulated or for a predetermined amount of time.
The Frisbee, he got tired of sailing

To and fro and to;

And thought about the other things

That he might like to do.

So the next time that they threw him,

He turned there in the sky,

And sailed away to try and find

Some new things he could try.

He tried to be an eyeglass,

But no one could see through him.

He tried to be a UFO,

But everybody knew him.

He tried to be a dinner plate,

But he got cracked and quit.

He tried to be a pizza,

But got tossed and baked and bit.

He tried to be a hubcap,

But the cars all moved to quick.

He tried to be a record,

But the spinnin' made him sick.

He tried to be a quarter,

But he was to big to spend.

So he rolled home, quite glad to be

A Frisbee once again.
Adventures of a Frisbee
Kan Jam
Kan Jam is a game played with a partner. One person
throws the frisbee while the other tries to bat the pass down into a round can spelled "kan". You get different amounts of points for whether you get the frisbee in the slot in the front of the "kan", or if you get it in the top without assistance
Kan Jam
Frisbee Throws
This is the most common frisbee throw and is usually what is taught to beginners. The thumb is placed over top of the frisbee and all four other fingers go bellow the rim. Next you cross the frisbee in front of your body and extend your arm while snapping your wrist
This throw is the second most-common frisbee throw and is often used in ultimate frisbee to get around defenders. For this throw, you can put one, two, or three fingers on the inside of the rim. Your thumb is placed on top of the frisbee and whatever fingers are left go on the outside of the rim. Bend your arm at your elbow and snap your rist while releasing.
The hammer throw is gripped exactly the same as the forehand throw but is much more difficult. Instead of releasing from the side of your body of the hand you are using, this throw requires you to release the disc overhead. If thrown correctly, the frisbee should then float down upside-down to your target.
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