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By the Waters of Babylon Story Arc

No description

Lisandro Estevez

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of By the Waters of Babylon Story Arc

John realizes that the man and all the men in the Place of the Gods were just normal people. He realizes they are more
advanced humans, but they were just like he was. "That is all of my story, for then I knew he was a man—I knew then that they had been men, neither gods nor demons. It is a great knowledge, hard to tell and believe. They were men—they went a dark road, but they were men"

Lisandro Estevez
Zachary Astree
Remy Olivacce

Falling Action
John goes back to town to tell his father what he saw. He then went to his father to be praised and purified. His father
told him that "You went away a boy. You came back a man and a priest." He started to go to the Dead Places to retrieve books and magic tools.
John touches a piece of metal his father got from the forbidden land. He then fasted for a day and waited for a sign. When he saw an eagle flying east, he knew he had to begin his journey. He goes to the city and explores, finding many statues and buildings. While in the city he sees a man siting in a chair in one of the temples .

Text Evidence: "Then my father came out with the metal—good, strong piece.." - Pg.2
By the Waters of Babylon Story Arc
Characters: John and his father

Setting: Its set in the future and In and around New York City

Background: John is the son of the priest and the
priest is the only who can enter a apocalyptic
location named the Dead Places. The Dead Places is a
abandoned city next to the town that John and his
father live in. Only the priest and his predecessor can
enter The Dead Places.

Text Evidence: "My father is a priest; I am the son of a priest." -Pg.1
In "The Waters of Babylon" John a son of a tribal priest is changed due to his encounters in the land of the gods. Being the son of the tribal priest John gets the rare opportunity of traveling into the forbidden land where he learns that the men before them were not gods, but human beings. Not only does John learn who they were but he gets a vision from the past showing their much to early demise. When he acquires this new knowledge he returns to his home to tell the news but his father tells him that acquiring too much knowledge at once wouldn't help to enrich his people but would instead damage their psyche and probably pull them apart as a civilization all together. He makes a decision that he will bring a group of people if not his entire village to the place of the gods to rebuild and learn more of their mysterious past.

Text Evidence: "They were men who were
here before us. We must build again." -Pg. 9
Rising Action
Literary Devices
Allusion: "By the Water of Babylon" is a reference to Psalm 137 in the Bible which is a story about Jews being kept captive in Babylon.

"The towers are not all broken—here and there one still stands, like a great tree in a forest, and the birds nest high" - Pg. 5
"My knowledge made me happy—it was like a fire in my heart." -Pg. 3

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