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What High School I want to go

No description

Student Shelton

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of What High School I want to go

Where High School I want to go
High School that I want to go
Name : So-Hee Park
Date : September 30th, 2013
St.Joseph High School
High School that I want to go in America is St.Joseph High School in Trumbull. They do have a lot sports that I want to play like soccer. We can learn foreign languages like French, Spanish, Latin, and Chinese. Also we can join many clubs. Right now my host family have two Chinese students whom are going to St.Joes and they really like and want to go to there for their whole high school years. They have lots of activities that can enjoy. Also their presentation video impressed me.
Seoul Foreign Language High School
If I'm going to high school in Korea,
I really want to go Seoul Foreign Language High School. When I was in 6th grade, I wanted to go to the international school, but I couldn't. They teach good for languages especially English. They also have lots of exchange students from other countries and help to get ready for students who want to work in English and others. Also they can help to be a good leader. In the
future I want to be a diplomat in Japan or America. This high school helps me to be a diplomat and go to the top colleges in Korea. Also I don't want to go the public schools.
Because they don't have actual education, scholarships, and spirit. Therefore I want to go to the Seoul Foreign Language School

Norte Damn Fairfield
I'm going to think about here after I visited open house
Seoul foreign language high school
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