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Harris and Me

No description

Kaelyn Reyes

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Harris and Me

A Summer Remembered
By Gary Paulsen Minor Characters Protagonist(s) Setting Harris-Although he helps Gary, he can cause some crazy trouble!
Ernie-He is a wild rooster that will attack you if you can see him.
Vivian-A cow that lets nobody near her rear end. Glennis
Louie Gary-New guy, "Doesn't know anything."
Harris-In the end only helping Gary.
Clair- Cares about everyone.
Louie-No teeth, made Gary fel welcome.
Knute-Says nothing, just drinks coffee.
Glennis-She might hit Harris but for good reasons. On a farm
In the United States
Deep woods
No electricity
Old house
Harris and Gary sleep in attic Antagonist(s) Harris and Me Main Characters Gary Paulsen
Harris Larson Conflicts 1. Gary's parents are alcoholics, they drink to much and aren't there for him. Resolution 1. They sent him to live at his aunt and uncle's farm, deep in the woods, the Larsons' Harris, Clair, Glennis, Knute, and Louie. Conflict 2. Gary isn't used to the farm life he is living now, such as, he must get up early, and all the work he must do all day long. Resolution 2. Harris lightens him up by getting off task and "playing games". He does this because he wants to lighten up Gary and because he doesn't want to work. Conflict 3. Gary sees a girl he really likes and he is trying to talk to her and then Harris comes over and tells her Gary did not get "enough air to his brain" when he was born. Resolution 3. Gary makes Harris pee on a wire fence. Which ends up in Harris getting electrocuted. Then wen they went to bed Gary started laughing because he was squirming around from being shocked. Major Event Vivian the cow kicked Gary in the groin and the head....... All because he went near her rear. he did not know anything about her but now he does. Harris said "She would kick herself if she could" Major Event Gary sees Elaine and falls in "love"." She was begining to like him to and then Harris came along and ruined it by telling her that Gary wasn't right in the head. Didn't get "enough air in his head" when he was born. Major Event Harris tells Gary about Ernie and how if you can't see him you better find cover. The reason? HE WILL ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He got them good Harris beat him with a board. It is BAD if you cannot see Ernie!!! Gary even worried about him when they were with the adults, but he doesn't attack when they are round... Maybe he doesn't like Harris (good guys) (bad guys)
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