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Frida Kahlo

Why Frida Kahlo is a catalyst for change.

Karla Perez-Renteria

on 9 May 2012

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Transcript of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was born July 6, 1907 in Coyoacán, Mexico
She was raised in her family home named "La Casa Azul" Frida Kahlo Frida was in a terrible accident when she was young that left her bedridden
After her accident Frida's father encouraged her to began painting, and that was the start of her involvement in art
Once she returned back to "La Escuela Nacional de Mexico, she showed her art to a muralist that was working on a project at her school.
Diego Rivera was impressed by her self portraits and told her to paint more
She began to paint more portraits after Diego's request While Frida was getting advice from Diego Rivera they began to have feelings for one another
Frida married Diego later on but it was a marriage that was highly disapproved by her mother
Their marriage was always rocky and filled with infidelity by both of them and Diego began to dictate a lot of what Frida did
Diego often cheated on Frida with other women and Frida also cheated on Diego but she had affairs with both genders
Her preference in clothing changed and her paintings began to look like close ups of Diego's murals
Frida and Diego divorced the first time because Diego had had an affair with Frida's youngest sister
But later they remarried VS. Frida inspired many people with her outspoken attitude and skilled painting
she had mostly inspired women who thought that they didn't have a say in their lives
she also inspired women that also wanted to paint but where either to scared to step into the art world or didn't have the faith in themselves
Frida's big break wasn't until the woman's movement Even today there are people that are influenced by Frida
She has inspired many because of her
hair style
beautiful dresses she wore
She has been the center of fashion shows, referenced in music and has alos been made fun of because of the same traits that she inspired others with
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