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Dreamworks Animations

No description


on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Dreamworks Animations

Bringing Imagination to Life WELCOME TO ANIMATIONS Dreamworks Animation SKG Production Process What makes
DreamWorks Animations
Unique 1. Humour: 2. Camera Shots What Is Animation? "Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement."

- Location An American Animation Studio founded in 1994. Redwood City, California Glendale, California Founders Rise of the Guardians ANTZ The Prince of Egypt El Dorado Shrek 1, 2, 3, 4 Sinbad Spirit Shark Tale Wallace and Gromoit Madagascar 1 & 2 Monsters vs Aliens How To Train your Dragon Chicken Run The Croods Turbo #1 #2 #13 #12 #11 #10 #9 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 Film = 3 - 5 YEARS of WORK! DID YOU KNOW? : SCRIPT STORYBOARDS VISUAL DEVELOPMENT STEREO 3-D SOUND EFFECTS / SOUNDS DESIGN LIGHTING CASTING EFFECTS MODELING SURFACING CHARACTER ANIMATION LAYOUT RIGGING Workplace for 1400 employees
6 acres of landscaped grounds
fountain, river, lagoon, walking paths 460 000 square feet of office space Northern CA facility
500 artists, writers, engineers, producers
lagoon ~ great for enjoying meals & having meetings *Did You Know? Dreamworks is currently building an
animation enterprise in Bangalore, India! Accomplishments Won Oscars award for "Best Animated Feature Film" ~ Shrek
Made list of best companies for 5 years running
"Rise of the Guardians (2012)" ~ 10 Annie Awards Nominations include Best Feature Film Each character's part (words & actions) written down on paper
A lot of use of Onomatopoeia
Incorporates all character parts who appear in scene
Written in third person Script given to storyboard artists
Series of sketches like a comic book used to tell story
Drawings digitally photographed to create story reel.
approval from director and producer * 18 Month process Department start to plan look
overall artistic approach Thousands of drawings, blueprints, paintings, sculptures & models Use of technology started with Monsters vs Aliens
New visual format
Enable artist to tell story in creative way through interaction of character with camera Storyboard drawn, characters set and designed
All about sound, not look
Recording done before animating
Videotape actors performing their roles to help provide reference Physical object created by Modeler in virtual world
digitally sculpt characters & environment
Partner with art department to understand concepts
Wire frame sculpture ~ armature
Allow rigging of figure "CG" statue evaluated by Riggers
Determine movement of bone, muscle, fat
Joints & various mathematical operations used to create realistic movement Rough & Final Layout
turn 2-D pictures to 3-D environment
Determine camera placement and motion
Final applies additional camera polishing Articulate thousands of controls created by Riggers
Visualize character movement
Bring characters to life Object not acting but moving = an effect
Simple things designed & animated by Effects Artists Utilize components to paint with light
Use of Illumination
See everything working together
Creates mood, atmosphere to support story Create & record sounds
foley Enriches story with layers & textures Foley Artists create sound fx (footsteps, rustling, creaking of door) Composer writes music
Heightens & enhances story
Help audience follow actions & emotion Echo
Dialogue, music, sound fx are assembled on mixing stage
Audio levels, equalization, perspective & treatments added as tracks
Mixed to final version of music Music Scoring : Characters come out of animation = grey + flat
Colour & texture applied by Surfacing Artist
Make objects look like how they are suppose to appear
customsize certain items
Groom hairstyles
Grow fields of grass Most outstanding film: Rise of the Guardians Anticipation - unexpected outcome Entertainment relationships among characters Ex. Shrek 2 - Scene "Medieval Meal" Ex. Madagascar Series Relating Supernatural Characters' Personalities to our own lifestyle Ex. Shark Tale - Scene "Seahorse Race" The Use of Satire Ex. Shark Tale - Lenny Establishing Shot - Introduction of Every Movie Kung Fu Panda 2 Rise of the Guardians 3. Setting and Props Setting and Props are manipulated from real life perspective to correspond with the theme of the movie (usually in animal perspective). 4. Story and Plot - Brings about a simple moral that is easy to understand
- Generally appeals to children since Dream Works makes a lot of children films
- Easy to follow, generally linear or with easy to understand flashbacks - Hooks the reader attention through characters, colors, actions and other elements
- Someone that makes the reader go "aww" or feel other emotions (Puss in Boots, Po in Kung Fu Panda) 6. Characters - Very detailed animated characters that relate to real life human features (freckles, loose hair, etc.) differing from usual flawless animation characters

Ex. Fiona -Can see the textures of the clothing and every detail in fur (Puss in Boots) -Clothing matches the theme and setting of the area (usually relates to the animal form)
Kung Fu Panda - Old China peasant outfits 5. Appeal MixMagic 7. Language Music fits into theme of film.
Move with emotions of events.
Child friendly.
Embellishments for interest. Ex. Designed for young viewers.
Simple & friendly.
Play on words.
Use diction that children like to use
ex. "awesome" Shrek
"Your a... 'CATastrophe' / 'riDONKulous'" Sharktale
"What the Shellfish" 8. Music & Sound Effects Ex. Rise of the Guardians
Twinkling when snowflakes fell or frost grew
Sleigh bells
Shimmering of sand & whispering of wind Shrek
Fairytale music
Exaggerated sounds
Zapping of wand
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