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Effective learning processes using Blackboard's portfolio tool

CUU kursus d. 2/4 2014

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Transcript of Effective learning processes using Blackboard's portfolio tool

Pernille Stenkil Hansen, pha@sdu.dk
Inger-Marie F. Christensen, imc@sdu.dk, @ingermariec

Blackboard Teaching & Learning Conference, Dublin, 2 May 2014
Introduction - definition
Introduction to portfolio learning processes
Examples of portfolio usage at the University of Southern Denmark
Discussion in groups: potentials, challenges, sharing good practice
Bb portfolio templates and targeted video guides
Design own template or action plan
Concluding remarks
Examples of portfolio usage at the University of Southern Denmark
Dysthe, O. & Tolo, A. (2003). Digital portfolios and feedback practices in a traditional university course. Paper presented at EARLI 10th Biennial Conference, Padova, Italy, Aug. 26.-30, 2003. http://www.uib.no/filearchive/padova-portfolio-final-21-08-03-1-.pdf
Dysthe, O. (2002). Theoretical background for portfolios as learning and assessment tools in teacher education. Paper at NERA/NFPF Conference, Tallin, 7- 9. 3, 2002. http://www.uib.no/filearchive/tallin_25_3_02-1-.pdf
JISC (2008). Effective Practice with e-Portfolios - Supporting 21st century learning. Higher Education Funding Council for England. http://www.jisc.ac.uk/media/documents/publications/effectivepracticeeportfolios.pdf
JISC infoNet, e-Portfolios infoKit: http://www.jiscinfonet.ac.uk/infokits/e-portfolios/
Moon, J. (2001). PDP Working Paper 4 - Reflection in Higher Education Learning. LTSN Generic Centre.
"A portfolio is a purposeful collection of student work that exhibits the student's efforts, progress, or achievements in one or more areas. The collection must include student participation in selecting contents, the criteria for judging merit, and evidence of the student's self reflection".
Based on Dysthe 2002 and Dysthe and Tolo 2003
Portfolio learning processes
Bachelor in International Business Communication with Arabic and Communication
Focus on formative assessment
Bachelor in International Business Communication, English
Focus on summative assessment
Arabic language proficieny 1, 10 ECTS
Practical training
Writing exercises
Voice mails
Joint portfolio in Blackboard course
Wiki for upload of videos
Possibility to give feedback
Blackboard's portfolio tool
Shared with teacher
To support students in the pursuit of learning objectives during the course:
Speak, listen & understand, read and write
Help students reflect on own learning and progress

Formative and summative assessment

Written or oral presentation incl. self-assessment by student - end of course.
Must be approved by teacher
International Business Communcation 10 ECTS
Students hand-in assignments during the course
Individual work
Peer feedback
Bb presentation portfolio created at end of course
Shared with teacher and external examinator
Oral exam
Grade (A-F)
By Paulson, Paulson & Meyer (1991). Quoted from Dysthe, 2002, p. 2
Reflection: what and how?
Stage 1: Presenting reflection
What is reflection?
Why reflect on learning?
Using "I"
Show reflection exemplars
Let students practice
Use tools, images and objects
Peeling off the layers - deep reflection
Stage 2 : Introducing different levels of reflection
Descriptive writing - no reflection
Descriptive reflection - deeper consideration
Dialogic reflection
Source: Moon, J. (2001). PDP Working Paper 4 - Reflection in Higher Education Learning. LTSN Generic Centre.
Discussion in groups: 15 minutes
How can portfolio processes be implemented in your teaching context / in your institution?
At your table
Share and discuss potentials and challenges as you see them
Share your own good examples and get inspiration from fellow participants
Send in your good examples, main points and conclusions
The Arabic proficiency 1 portfolio
International Bus. Com. portfolio
Presentation and course goals: Students' interpretation
How do assignments exemplify academic content?
Criteria used when selecting?
How do assignments reflect own learning process?
5 selected assignments - uploaded
Reflection on peer assessment
Influence on own learning process?
Influence on final assignments
Bb portfolio templates
Optimise support for students and staff
The Blackboard portfolio tool is available from the Content System tab
Both teachers and students can create multiple portfolios
Sysadmin role can create templates from the Sysadmin tab
Create presentation portfolio
Create and store artefacts
Access portfolio shared with you
Bb portfolio template components
Template menu / template pages
Template header - can be personalised
Template footer
Artefact area: users create artefacts and add to portfolio
Bb portfolio template exemplars
Video guides
Optimise support for staff and students
Short videos produced in Adobe Presenter Video Creator
Uploaded to YouTube and embedded in Blackboard
License, HD webcam and good microphone needed
One video = one step in the process
Creating a portfolio
Creating artefacts
Editing artefacts
Adding artefact to your portfolio
Sharing your portfolio
Screen capture in Blackboard showing where and how to
Individual reflection and work
Designing portfolio templates / Creating an action plan
Step 1 - choose a or b
a. Create a draft portfolio template for you own teaching context
b. Create a draft action plan for the implementation of Blackboard's
portfolio tool at your institutiton

Step 2
Take a photo of your draft and upload it to this Padlet wall:
Brief powerpoint introduction to topic of video
Effective learning processes using Blackboard's portfolio tool
Centre for Teaching and Learning - University of Southern Denmark
Full transcript