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Can soda dissolve meat?

No description

Eva Ramirez

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Can soda dissolve meat?

Thanks for viewing!
Can soda dissolve meat?
Eva Ramirez & Dalila Ajanovic
7th grade
Teacher: Mrs.Munck
*Coca-Cola (6 Tbsp)
*Sprite (6 Tbsp)
*Tap water (6 Tbsp)
*6 jars
*Ground Beef (22.5 grams)
(optional) Pictures
Independent Variable: The types of liquids.

Dependant Variable: Amount of meat dissolved.

Control Variable: Condition of meat, same size of jars, same amount of liquid, same temperature meat, same amount of meat.

Control Group: Tap water
What is the point of this project?
The point of this project is to see which liquid is the most acidic to dissolve meat with the most presentable results.
Step 1. Gather your materials

Step 2. Set up 6 jars and label them for each drink, and put 1x1 peices of ground beef in each jar.

Step 3. in two jars, pour 6 tbsp of Coca-Cola. Do the same for water and sprite in seperate bottles.

Step 4. Examine the meat for a few days and see if you see any changes.

Step 5. Record your data and figure out the mass and volume of the dissolved meat.

Step 6. Figure out your conclusion.
What is your hypothesis?
If different types of liquids effect the process of dissolving meat, then the amount of meat dissolved will increase with the soft drink," Coca-Cola".
* Coca-Cola is about a 2.5 on the pH scale
1. Observation
2. Hypothesis
3. Procedure (Materials & Methods)
4. Experiment
5. Results
6. Discussion / Conclusions
*Sprite is about 3.2 on the
pH scale
*Tap water is about 7.6 on the pH scale.
Due to the use of phosphoric acid, cola is a actually more acid than lemon juice or vinegar, which would break down the meat with vast changes. This supports our hypothesis
that Coca-Cola will dissolve
the meat the most.
The blood in the meat diffused in the water but there was no noticeable changes in water. Sprite dissolved some of the meat, but it wasn't too noticeable. Coca-Cola behaved just like stomach acid which dissolved the meat and broke it down in a similar manner as your body would, so our hypothesis is correct .
This is the data we've came up with from our experiment.
Next day, sprite.
(10:00 am)
Next day, water.
(10:00 am)
Next day, Coca-Cola. (10:00 am)
Although Sprite did dissolve some of the meat, this soda was not as effective as others.
First off, you would think water wouldn't show an effective result at all, but water did draw out blood from the meat, & separated the meat into parts, but this drink is obviously not the most acidic.
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