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Michael Bloomberg

No description

sisi ren

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Michael Bloomberg

Pathway to Success
We will go forward... we will never go back.
Age 24, got first Wall Street job with Salomon Brothers
quickly reached the level of partner by the year of 1972
Was let go from the firm in 1981
Started up his own company, Bloomberg LP
Took an interest in philanthropy
Ran for mayor in 2001 - elected 108th mayor of New York in Nov. 2001
Mayor until 2013
Monday, February 24, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
About Him
Born: February 14th 1942 in Boston Massachusetts
Age: 72
Raised in a middle class family
Michael Bloomberg
Commencement Speech 2013
The cold harsh reality is that we have to balance the budget.
NBC News' "Education Nation"
Stanford University
Bloomberg LP
$10M severance package from Salomon Brothers
Innovative Market System
financial data firm
What did you learn?
You can't sit there and
worry about everything.
I m p o r t a n c e?
Applicable outside of this classroom ...

The first step is to understand yourself!

The second step is to take action.
R e l e v a n c e
Optimistic and ambitious
in handling investment gains or losses
direct vs. indirect investing
improving New York City's economy and environment
Leadership qualities
been in office for 11 years
responsible and reliable in the eyes of citizens
give and take to the community
Confidence (self and of others)
Strong commitment to own values/beliefs, business, politics, and the public's concerns
Bachelor of Science at Johns Hopkins University - 1964
MBA at Harvard School of Business - 1966
Against gun control - Mayors Against Ilegal Guns
For women's rights to abortion
For Same-Sex Marriages
real-time and historical information on
about 5 million bonds, equities, commodities, currencies, and funds
Merrill Lynch invested $33M in 1982
Wall Street shift from old-style investment banking into trading
How is this applicable to investment and finance?
Kenyon College
Commencement Speech 2013
pursuing one’s goals and becoming the future of the nation - through American Dream
immigration reform
30% of graduates are on student visas and will leave the country soon
“The most backward economic policy you could come up with.”
partnerships with businesses and universities (1)
support teachers and reward great teaching (2)
redesigning classroom learning (3)
college and career prep school options (4)
Economic Challenges
Education Challenges
gun control
Congress fails to pass background check legislations
lack courage to stand up to NRA lobbyists
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