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New England Culture

No description

Bradley Nazaire

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of New England Culture

Life and culture in New England in the late 1930s and early 1940s Maine's History New Hampshire Life and Culture In the 1930s the New Hampshire
slopes interested many people. Like the rest of America, Maine went through WW1 & the great depression. Economy was low due to world war II so the state tried to attract new business to boot economy . Massachusetts It had caused them to go through an economic disaster. The RKO-Boston movie theater was created during the early 1930s
It featured big bands and many famous people at times.
In 1938 Massachusetts was hit by a hurricane called Great New England Hurricane. Fishing and hunting was big in New Hampshire and was part of the everyday culture. Rhodes Island life and culture Maine In 1938 Maine was struck by a huge hurricane, although it caused a lot of damage there was some good that came from the disaster. Over 16,000 people were employed during the great depression because of it. big band era in the 1940s people like Frank Sinatra was a big hit around 1944. there were Many big hits like his song "i only have eyes for you"which he made for his wife Nancy. During the time of WWII western union telegraph co. was a big company with there telegrams, radiograms , and cablegrams during the 40s Popular dances around the time of the late 30s early 40s was the jitter bug similar to the jive which came out in the 50s New Hampshire In the early 40s had many industries and large factories were around. New Hampshire known as the granite state for there granite corries Vermont Rko theater in 1936 Vermont in the late 1930's Lighthouse in Maine Connecticut began, as most communities at the time, as a farming economy.
1932 The state's unemployed rate was about 150,000, because of the stock market crash also the Great Depression
In 1939 Connecticut's unemployment rate went down because of defense contracts
Also in 1939 Connecticut's industries started making submarines and helicopters because of WWII
Because of that about 220,000 Connecticut men and women served in the US armed forces. Vermont was hit hard by the great depression, it originally was a farming state like other parts of New England. Even though the cost of farming stayed the same, the income went down. Over 1500 farms went out of business in the beginning of the great depression & unemployment grew higher & higher. Connecticut The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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