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My life

No description

Sarah Tørslev-Thomassen

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of My life

My life
The pets
At my house we have two dogs, two cats, one donkey, one horse right now we have my cusin's horse here too. We have a small dog, Basse, and a taller dog, Samson, the cats name is Mulde and Maggie, the donkey is named Diablo, the four horses name is Paloma, Cirkeline, Adiasa and Marmelade
My family
I have a brother on 9, his name is Oliver.
Heidi is my mother, she is 38 and so is my father who is named Johnny. My mother is a technical drawer and works in Ebeltoft. My Father works with hydraulic cranes and my littlebrother is still in school
Moments in my life
About me
My name is Sarah
I was born 31th august 1997, so I am 17 years old and I live with my family just between Hammershøj and Vorning, my nickname is Sawah, it is not everybody who use it.
I used to ride, but I do not do it that much anymore because I think it is gets boring to ride alone, and it is not funny to ride with my mother
My mom and dad's wedding
Jackpot and me
My best friend and me in Prague
King and I
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