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No description

Ana Karen Morales

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of SOAPStone

Ana Karen Morales
Speaker- Robert Frost
Occasion- He's trying to make a point on how cold and cruel the world really is.
Audience- Doesn't directly point this out to anyone.
Purpose- To understand the difference between fire (desire) and ice (hate).
Subject- The subject of fire and ice would be life. Frost talks about how they are both destructive feelings and how they can be interpreted in many ways. I thought of life because he talks about dying then I realized fire is desire and ice is hate. Frost is telling us the better feeling to die with or his option of what is better.
Tone- The author's attitude towards the subject would be that there might be hope but there's a bit of sadness in between.
One of the poetic devices used in the poem would be an "implied metaphor". In the poem fire is known for desire and ice as for hate. For example, in lines 1 and 2 that would be an implied metaphor by the way fire and ice is being used. Where Robert Frost compares fire and ice.
Poetic Device
The poem's message talks about life and how cold and cruel the world is. When thinking about the world fire(desire) and ice(hate) are all around us. Robert Frost describes us as hateful people who centered the world on ourselves. Then Frost goes on to describe how he would like to die. He wants to die with desire rather than hate, but if he had to die twice he can see how hate has been proven just as destructive.
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