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Copy of Journey Map

Created for Jim Chen, Sam Levine, Todd Gardner

Dan MacInnis

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Journey Map

applying for
retirement Member
contributing CalSTRS
member Member's
beneficiary Customer Member
retirement Employer Member
retired Customer Journey Ideas Persona Mindset Actions Touchpoints PAIN POINTS MOMENTS OF TRUTH Doesn't
know where
to start Big life
change Doesn't
know who
to trust Excited Fear Out of
zone Doesn't
rules 1, Access materials at her school 2, talk to
her friends
who recently
retired 3, call the
hotline and
set up
appointment 4, access
website from
state to
herself 5, access her
statement 6, get her
SSA benefit
calculation 9, Get a
check up,
physical 8, evaluate her
living situation
(sell their
Or stay put?) 7, Updating
her financial
plan and
estate plan Review life
and health
insurance 10, Borrow $
to support
education Online “Retirement” forums/blogs/facebook/etc. Texting (receives alerts during application process) Received
info in mail from CalSTRS Talked to tax accountant
planner Gym membership Talked to real estate agent Access printed material Personal appt with CalSTRS staff Saw Financial Planner Husband and friends Talked to university Talked to Lawyer Called
Hotline Talked to Union Rep Health and Life Insurance agent Doctor for medical checkup Travel
Agent to plan a trip SSA Office Talked to kids CalSTRS Rep comes on site to educate school staff Wizard on website to
walk you
through the steps to Retirement Mobile app, retirement calculator Online
answer FAQ’s Hearing disabled, multi lingual accommodations Learning Tools/How To’s,Youtube videos perhaps? Tool to find peers to collaborate with. Forum or blog? Link to SSA site from Retirement site Proactive alerts (text, push notification, email, etc.) Proactive notifications/alerts (via text, push notification, Interactive chat when someone has been to significant changes to regulations...
contribution % set to increase? email, etc.) of key events in the application and approval process on a page for a little longer than average? Predictive dashboard calculator type tool. “What if”

questions answered and holistic side by side view of financial situation shown. Family balance sheet

allows access to retirement income in relation to all other relevant financial stuff in their life. 55
2 kids (young adults) in and near college
Moderately tech savvy
Moved around to different school districts
Not financially astute
This is her only source of retirement income
Wants to help kids pay for college Marie
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