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Web Based Mail Client

No description

prasanna vijayan

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Web Based Mail Client

WEB E-Mail Client System * Server components for Creation of User is ready
* Server components for Import / Export of Address book
* Upload / Download Component is working
* Required store procedures for adding / fetching of address book is ready and working Phase II - User Interface * The UI is coming up cleanly on different browsers as specified in the Requirements

* There is no hard coding of values passed to the server from the UI

*MVC architecture being made use of in the right sense Phase III * Integrating the front-end with the database
* IF the user is able to register without any problem
* Export / Import address book from the UI
* Compose/Forward / Reply/ to mails without any problem
* Logged in user is invalidated after 15minutes of inactivity Abishek Metha Prasanna Vijayan Nanda Kumar Shanmuga vel Rajan Objective : Mechanism of Sending and receiving mail SMTP MAA - POP & IMAP MIME Security System new idea - Notification Abstract Web Based Mail Client project is about developing the Mail client interface system connecting to a Linux Server using Tomcat as the webserver. This project follows with main functionality like Receiving/ Sending/ organizing/ Attach files in mails using POP3 and IMAP. In addition, mail client users are able to chat with their friends as they do in Gmail.com .Attached files is verified with the back end system so that no one can easily upload or download the Virus in any format probably ".exe" . Requirement's Operating system : Linux Processor : Any PC with 2GB HDD and 256/ 512MB RAM IDE : Eclipse Back End : MySQL Front End : Any web browser supports HTML5 Web Server : Apache Phase 1 - Server THANK YOU ! ! Existing System : Proposed System What Is a Mail Server and What Does It Do?
A mail server is a computer that moves and stores mail over networks and across the Internet.In order for a computer to become a mail server, the computer must have “mail server”software loaded on it. A mail server can send, receive or bothsend and receive mail. You will be notified via mobile if the sender is marking the mail is !important in the GUI system . This makes the mail usage optimize among the companies. language used : PHP
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