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About Tigers xD

Crystal Piao

on 1 December 2009

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Transcript of Tigers

Tigers Description- Tigers are one of the largest big cats. Weighing up to 660 pounds!!! Species- Bengal Tiger Siberian Tiger Vertical Dark stripes overlapping red-ish orange-ish fur Rare golden tabby/strawberry tiger White Most common white tiger is the white bengal tiger Tigers Are AWESOME!! >.< Cross-eyed Every 10,000 births Man-eating tigers are usualy old tigers that are too old to catch their prey and lost some of their teeth. Food- Vegetation leopards Occasionaly- pythons sloth bears and crocodiles. Wind Pipe, Spinal Cord Indochinese TigerSouth China TigerAmur (Siberian) Tiger White Tiger Extinct- Caspian Tiger
Bali Tiger
Javan Tiger sika deer, moose, roe deer, and musk deer monkeys, peacock, hares, and fish.
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