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Stewardship as Relational Leadership

No description

Jessica Tate

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Stewardship as Relational Leadership

Stewardship as
Relational Leadership

Organized people and organized money have the power to make change.
This isn't a technique. It's relationships.
You need to know what people give.
Leadership developed and empowered
Corporate and individual recognition
Getting Started: Strengthening Relationships
Jessica Tate
What comes up for you when you think about money or raising money?

people have it
people like to give it
$ is about relationship and trust
can't raise $ without confidence
Increased comfort talking about $
Increased transparency and expectation
What is Money?
A medium of exchange
A standard of value
Power: the ability to act
vision for the future
"root of all evil"
Realities of $
Why Organize Money?

* Ability to act

* increase independence

* innovation and experiment

* develop leaders

A Case Study
Relationships are KEY
Community is Strengthened
People are Valued
What else?
How do you spend your time as a leader?
Relate to your people
Listen to energy (inside and outside)
Communicate what you hear
Who else can do this with you?
Where to go for more?
IAF training
What's one thing you will take with you from this
Talking about $$
This is a faith issue.
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