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The Case of Lois McArthur

Process Tech final presentation

Bethanie Arney

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of The Case of Lois McArthur

The Case of Loise McArthur Lois was a 22 year old college student and recently graduated from Pimento University.

At the time of her death she was single but she had been dating Ted on and off for four years and they had planned to become engaged.

Her mother was opposed to the marriage and her parents recently divorced. Her mother would rather her marry Luise, who she would date when she broke up with Ted.

Her best friend, Maria went to the same college and often competed against each other in local beauty pagaents.

She had just been granted an audition at Galactic Studios in Hollywood, California for a part in a new film. She was slated to leave the morning that she was found dead. The Crime Scene The McArthur home's silent alarm was triggered Saturday night, the night before the body was found. Police were called and an intruder was found trying to flee from the west door and was identified as Mike H.

The body was found at 10 am the next morning in the bedroom. The victim was in a rayon bathrobe that had been given to her by her mother the day before. That was the only clothing the victim was wearing A 22 caliber Colt revolver was found in her left hand. Fibers other than rayon were found on her right hand and body. Two bullets had been fired from the gun and a single bullet was found in the skull of the victim.

Powder remains were on the left hand of the victim. The bullet entered through the right side of her head and exited through the left. The other bullet was never found and the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. Maria found the body when she came to take Lois to the airport. A suicide note was found on the dresser and blood was found on the edge of the note and hair was found on the body and robe. The People Involved Maria Lois Catherine (the mother) Ted Luise Mike Tests Ran Blood Analysis
Fingerprint Analysis
Hair Analysis
Fiber Analysis
Hand Writing Analysis Blood Analysis -------------Anti-A-----Anti-B-----Rh-----Type
Maria Yes Yes No AB-
Catherine No Yes Yes B+
Ted No No Yes O+
Mike Yes No Yes A+
Lois No Yes Yes B+
Luise No No Yes O+
Crime Scene Yes Yes No AB- Fingerprint Analysis Catherine Lois Luise Maria Mike Ted Handwriting Analysis Catherine Lois Luise Maria Mike Ted Hair Analysis Catherine Lois Luise Maria Mike Ted Fiber Analysis What the suspects were wearing:
Maria: Polyester sweater and shorts
Luise: Jeans and a t-shirt, both cotton
Lois: Rayon bathrobe
Ted: Jeans and a t-shirt, both cotton
Mike: Jeans and a tank top, both cotton
Catherine: Polyester knit suit with nylon blouse Coarse Cotton Cotton Nylon Polyester Rayon Conclusion Questions?
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