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4 powerful presentation lessons from Apple

No description

Gabriele Roncoroni

on 23 November 2016

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Transcript of 4 powerful presentation lessons from Apple

If you want to present like Steve Jobs, make note of this list and follow these tips next time you get up on stage.
1 | Keep your message simple.
And tweetable.
Apple sticks to sleek design when it comes to its devices—and its presentations are no different. Think like Jobs:
make your headlines
less than 140 characters long
so audience members can tweet them out.

2 | Bring your data to life
with visuals.
When he introduced the Macbook Air, Jobs said, “It’s so thin, it even fits inside one of these envelopes.”
Visuals help your audience remember your message.
Use images instead of numbers
whenever possible.
3 | Prepare for the unexpected.
When Steve’s clicker broke onstage, he didn’t miss a beat—instead, he launched into a story while his team backstage fixed the issue.
Prepare anecdotes to tell
if something goes wrong.
4 | Plan for a “Wow” moment.
Jobs knew how to work an audience—
and how to delight them with the unexpected.
Bake a surprising
“wow” moment
into every presentation
to keep your audience engaged and enthused.
presentation lessons
from Apple
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