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Ratios, Rates, and Proportions! Oh MY!

A short and sweet review for ColoCA students. :-)

Kimberly Aksamit

on 11 April 2016

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Transcript of Ratios, Rates, and Proportions! Oh MY!

Ratios, Rates, and
Proportions Oh My!

For every 4 girls in my class there are 3 boys...
Grapes at Sunflower are $1.29 a lb
And Old Navy has a black Friday deal where for every 2 pairs of jeans you buy, you will get 1 pair free!

What do these things all have in common?
By the end of this, you will know!
...and earn extra credit!
A ratio is a comparison of two quantities (amounts) with the same unit of measure.

There are 3 TYPES of ratios:
part to part
part to whole
whole to part

There are 3 WAYS TO WRITE ratios:
as a fraction 2/3
using a colon 2 snickers : 3 butterfingers
using the word "to" 2 snickers to 3 butterfingers
A rate is a comparison of two quantities with DIFFERENT units of measurement.
When you have two ratios that are equivalent.
Sound familiar...?

That's because proportions are just like equivalent fractions!
Lets take a moment and create ratios to represent the students in a class. Webmail your responses to your math teacher for extra credit.

Suppose that there are 17 girls, 19 boys, and 1 teacher. What are the following ratios?

girls to boys
girls to students
students to boys
teacher to students
Unit Rate
This is a special kind of rate where the second quantity is 1. The denominator in your fraction is 1.
how fast did we just move???? Speed is a rate
...like mph which stands for
miles per hour.
That means miles per 1 hour

Can you think of any other examples of unit rate?? Please webmail your math teacher some examples for some extra credit.
Stuck? The following video may give you some ideas.
The ratio of students who wear Toms to students who wear Converse at ColoCA is 2: 5. If 200 students at ColoCA wear Converse how many students wear Toms?
You can solve this question by setting up a proportion:
then use what you already about
equivalent fractions to solve! ...or, cross-multiply!
x 40
x 40
80 students wear Toms
Now you try...
Catherine is baking cookies. She can make a batch of 8 cookies in 30 minutes. How many cookies can she make in 5 hours?

Webmail your math teacher your response for extra credit.
Oh My!
It looks like you've learned something about ratios, rates and proportions. Maybe now you can tell me what those things mentioned in the beginning have in common. Webmail your answers to those questions, with all the other responses you've completed, to your math teacher!
equivalent fractions:
...or, cross-multiply:
...multiply along the diagonals
400=5x ...simplify
400/5=x ...divide by 5
80=x ...simplify
80 students wear Toms ...state your answer
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