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hey, this is prezi engineering

engineering culture and challenges at prezi in 5 minutes

Gábor Török

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of hey, this is prezi engineering

hey, this is prezi.
engineering culture
engineering in sf
engineering in bp
ability to do product iterations quickly
agile processes, failing once is okay,
strong company values, startup-like teams,
data driven business decisions
if people shared ideas more frequently and in a more engaging, memorable way, we could make a better world
our competitor is wikipedia not powerpoint(tm)
40M+ users, 120M+ public presentations at prezi.com
learning organization
help people share ideas
idea economy
no qa, no ops, devops, continuous delivery, everyone has access to all repositories
micro services, micro components, small teams
investing in programming languages (haxe, elm)
we share ideas
full stack engineers, "can do" attitude, backend service in haskell
we stretch ourselves
full stack responsibility
conference budget
annual fellowship to discover budapest and connect to european tech scene
help us write scalable web services & create our frontend widget system
provide an awesome user experience through the whole website to help users register, on board and find great content
work on prezi.com, one of the biggest django website in the world (in 7 languages, since 2008, 28M unique visitors/month)
spatial zooming canvas with various kind of objects
pixel perfect rendering on all platforms
native experience on all platforms
collaborative editing
game changer technology stack, there’s noone to copy
aka prezi.com
(yes, we're hiring)
(yes, we're hiring here, too)
aka the product
internal engineering conferences & hackathons
organizing international tech conferences
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