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Writing and Collaboration Tools for Digital World

Prezi used at SJC Tech-in-Ed Conf for session "Writing and Collaboration Tools for Digital World"

Brian Wasson

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Writing and Collaboration Tools for Digital World

Writing and Collaboration Tools
for the Digital World Educational Benefits (Students):

* Develop writing skills
* Write for an audience // public comments
* Promote "Digital Literacy"
* Promote discussion // peer review
* Extend learning beyond classroom
* Create community of practice among students
* Develop ownership over ideas
* Incorporate other media and links
* Make a substantive, supported contribution to class thinking
* Prepare for life in our digital world
Ideas of knowledge construction and collaboration in education are not new ... the tools are. "When working together, students often construct new knowledge, understand course content better, and retain it longer." The Tools Blog Wiki Live Document Editing Concept Mapping Annotation Journals Whiteboards "Actual purpose of a Wiki is not to simply communicate information, but to invite participation at the level of input that will contribute to the understanding and application of the information shared." - Ruth Reynard, Campus Technology Simply suggesting collaboration to students does not result in high motivation and participation. Can "informal" blog writing help students better understand the "formal" writing they will do in the course? Employers want graduates who can:
- Communicate
- Work in teams
- ... http://www.amazon.com/When-Reality-Hits-Employers-Graduates/dp/1933285877 Public v. Private Sample student consent form
for public postings ... necessary? Educational Benefits (Faculty):

* Continue and enhance professional development
* Write for an audience // public comments
* Participate in our digital world
* Promote discussion // peer review
* Extend learning beyond classroom
* Collaborate with peers on a variety of assignments
* Develop ownership over ideas
* Incorporate other media and links
* Enhance, explain, defend, and review your research
Benefits -Jay Clayton, Professor and Chair, Department of English, Vanderbilt University http://blogs.vanderbilt.edu/cft/?page_id=93#research Image by Flickr user bpsusf // Creative Commons licensed The times ... they are a changing ... 1908 1950 1960 2009 As technology developed, The New York Times evolved. The Writing in Digital Environments (WIDE) Research Center at the University of Michigan conducts research and provides resources on the topic of “digital writing.” http://kairos.technorhetoric.net/10.1/coverweb/wide/introduction.html Blog Educause's 7 Things You Should Know Series What motivates students? writing ... writing ... writing writing for an audience peer review revision history The Others Comics Delicious list of related links http://delicious.com/sjctrainers/SJCTIEWCTDW Think beyond the word processor! reflection http://voicethread.com/share/80187/ Blogging in higher ed Image via http://www.custom-essay.com/
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