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Oppression Targeted at Young Girls - Children's Pageants

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Juliet A

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Oppression Targeted at Young Girls - Children's Pageants

Oppression in Young Girls The short term effects of pageants on young girls. Long term effects of children's beauty pageants. Child Welfare Services in Ontario Children's Beauty Pageants and Oppression The effects of children's beauty pageants span various issues, but there are some immediate concerns that occur with this type of oppression.
An issue that comes up is the early sexualization of children.With provocative images of young girls going viral across the world, it begs the question, how young is too young to be "sexy"? The long-term effects are especially grueling, and span a surprising amount of areas of a person's life.
One of the most significant effects that pageantry has on a child is self-dissatisfaction. Pageants traumatize children, and deteriorate their self-esteem, fabricating self-conscious and anxious adults.
These in turn lead to a higher rate of eating-disorders in adults. Especially since after their childhood careers are over, their mothers are no longer doting on their prized starlet.
Pageants create a hypercritical environment from infancy, and then these children grown into adults that tirelessly aim to achieve an unreasonable standard of perfection, essentially inducing sickness, and depression upon themselves.
The psyche of these children also becomes fixed on the idea that success is intrinsically linked to beauty, and therefore these kids grow into shallow self-conscious adults. -Ontario Association of Children Aid Societies

-Foster Parents Society of Ontario

-Office of Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth

-Adopt Ontario

-Children and Society of Toronto- Child Welfare Institute What are Children's Beauty Pageants?

How are they a form of oppression targeted at young girls?

How can social work intervene? 10 year old model Thylane Lena-Rose, French Vogue What do they focus on? -Advocacy





-Other Services Ontario Association of Children Aid Societies -Mandated by the Ontario Government to protect children
-Only agency to protect children from harm and neglect
-Responds to allegations of abuse and neglect
-Works with families to provide safe environments
-Educate community Children's Beauty Pageants Child Beauty pageants - Sad faces and fake smiles Toddlers and Tiaras How does it oppress young girls? They are exploited by their parents and the pageant industry.
They are coerced and verbally abused into participating in pageants and being hyper-competitive.
These girls are too young to be able to say no to any given offer.
Child pageants sexualize young girls, and their appearance may not reflect their true childlike innocence. This leads to problems.
Causes cognitive and emotional trauma.
The overexposure to chemicals like phtalates (in hairspray,etc) are hormone disruptors that can stunt growth.
Little girls are not meant to wear stiletto heels. How it all ties together Child beauty pageants hurt children in every step of their lives.
It's exploitation, and verbal violence.
Social work can intervene with the problems it causes, such as eating disorders, and depression.
The aim of social work should be to promote the annihilation of child pageants, through public speaking, and media integration. Discussion Questions 1. How do you relate to this type of oppression on a personal level?

2. How is this type of oppression important on a global scale? Activism Rallies and activists work toward raising awareness about the harm of child beauty pageants. The "Pull the Pin" movement rallied against child pageants, and protested the Universal Royalty Beauty pageant Limitations of Social Work Intervention Social workers cannot be an aid in all situations where the child may be experiencing oppression. The Responsibility of Parents and Guardians *Celebrate your child's uniqueness.
*Introduce children to different things.
*Remember that you are their role models.
*Media: Introduce them to shows with important social messages. Shows with a positive message
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