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Macrophage Cell

No description

Grace Wa

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Macrophage Cell

Macrophage Cell

The amoeboid captures and forms food particales in the Macrophage Cell.
Functions of the Cell
When infections, parasites, viruses, and dead/ damaged cells occur in the immune system the Macrophages are there to help fight them off by eating them to help keep you healthy.
Unusual structures compared to other cell types
Macrophages are different from other cell types because of their amoeboid reflecting its shape.

Fun Facts
Macrophage means "Big Eater" in Greek
It's a type of white blood cell
Macrophages come from another white blood cell called Monocytes
Describe any odd structures this cell has compared to other types? What is the purpose/function of this odd structure?
What is the life span of the cell?
The Macrophage cell lives for months at a time.
Macrophage not under a microscope
Missing/pronounced organelles in Macrophages
White blood cells (which is what Macrophages are) have a very large nucleus and cytoplasm creating them, unlike red blood cells that lack these things. Because of the big nucleus in the white blood cell, it is able to carry out lots of genetic material.
By:Grace Wambach and Hannah Pisani
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