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Canadian Red Cross

No description

bob joe

on 16 January 2012

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Transcript of Canadian Red Cross

Canadian Red Cross
Tour of The Website
The Main Message
Mission: Their mission is to improve the lives of
vulnerable people by spreading the
humanity in Canada around the world.
Vision: Their vision is a humanitarian
organization which people voluntarily demonstrate their care for others.
Values: Their values are based upon:
Humanitarian needs
Respect, dignity and care for one another within and outside of Red Cross
As well as integrity, accountability, effectiveness and transparency
Statistical Information
Percentages of How Red Cross Recieves Money
The Canadian Red Cross had a total revenue of $418 million with expenses of $411 million from the end of a financial year in March 31 2009.
They rely on public donations, corporate partnerships, public grants and program revenues.
Some fast facts in the Manitoba flood, 1997
-Number of evacuees: 25,000
-Amount money donated: $25.543 million
-Amount spent on disaster relief: $25.546 million
-Number of Red Cross volunteers who helped: 2,200
By: Caleb, Obinna, Paul
and Chris (Beezer)
By: Caleb, Obinna, Paul
and Chris (Beezer)
By: Caleb, Obinna, Paul
and Chris (Beezer)
A List of Ways To Donate
- You can call the Red Cross at 1-800-416-1111
- You can donate at the Red Cross Website.
- You could mail a letter to the Red Cross at Canadian Red Cross
Ontario Office
5700 Cancross Court
Mississauga, ON
L5R 3E9
- You could drop off a donation at a local Red Cross office. 5700 Cancross Court
Mississauga, Ontario
L5R 3E9
- Go to a Red Cross fundraiser.
- You could volunteer in your community.
- You could sign up for an international opportunity to help people overseas. Or you can sign up for a local job in Canada.
Chris' Story
2 years ago in Nigeria there was a little boy named Michael. He was getting sick from a disease called leprosy.
His mom died giving birth and he has never seen his dad
The boy was 6 year old when the Red Cross helped him. He was living with his grandma who was 75 years old and she was sick with lepersy
When the Red Cross came and saw Michael they rushed him to the nearest hospital. The Red Cross helped him get better and gave his family a year supplies of food as well as an oppourtunity to go to school
Michael and his brother are all healthy and well educated now.
Obinna's Story
Is the Red Cross usually what you think?
The Canadian Red Cross Restoring Family Links program helps re-establish
contact with immediate family members after seperation due to :
Internal conflict
Natural Disasters
Humanitarium Crises
Kees Vanderheyden reunited with his "little sister", Traudi.
After ww2 the Netherlands Red Cross set up a program that allowed 30000 children to find refuge with host families. Kees' family was one of the families
In 1948 the Vanderheyden family welcomed Traudi, a German
child at the age of 8. Kees was 15 years old at the
time. The family's separation from Traudi was in 1954
because the Vanderheydens were immigrating to canada.
Decades later, a war in Bosnia reminds Kees of Traudin. He was then
overcome by an intense need to find her. He contacted different Red Crosses.
Until in 2000 when he found information that would accelerate the process.
Key services offered
by the Restoring family links
program include the tracing service. In 2004
Kees found Traudi through the Austrian Red
Cross using the Canadian Red Cross to bring her back.
Thank you for Watching!
Time for THE QUIZ!!!
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