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Amy and Isabella

No description

Angela Altazan

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Amy and Isabella

Amy and Isabella
Athlete Barriers

Jesse Owens
Bethany Hamilton
Michael Oher
Simon Keith
Tom Dempsey
Wilma Rudolph
Compare & Contrast
Both lost a body limb
She was not born with her injury
You can overcome sicknesses
You can always overcome a sickness just like Jesse Owens did. When Jesse Owens was a young child he was always very sick! But in 5th grade he became a strong runner instead of a skinny boy.
Losing a arm does not stop you from anything
Losing a arm does not stop you from surfing. When Bethany was 13 she got attacked by a shark and lost her arm. Soon after the attack she got back on her board. pursued her dream of being a professional surfer.
Support the homeless
Always Support the homeless because one of your favorite athletes was homeless. At a very young age Micheal Oher became homeless. It put his carrier in a tight position,but he overcame that and somebody adopted him and he pursued his dream as a football player.
Donate Money to the heart
When you get the chance donate money to people who have heart problems, because even a little bit can help. A thoughtful person gave money to help Simon Keith get his heart transplant. And now he is a famous football player.
Nothing is impossible
You really don't need your toes to survive. Tom Dempsey has no toes,but he still can kick! In fact he is a field kicker and he successful! The only thing that is different is that he has to wear blunt face shoe.
Bethany Hamilton
Tom Dempsey
Being disabled doesn't stop you
Wilma Rudolph had pneumonia and polio. When she was a young child she then became disabled. Her mother, brother, and sister had to massage her leg 4 times a day, so she wasn't able to do much.
Both survived
worked around there major problems(Bethany Hamilton lost an arm,Tom Dempsey had no toes and half of a foot)
Both of their limbs where lost at a young age
the sport that she plays does not involve her arm (surfing)
People made a big deal about her arm but she did not
Her spiritual beliefs help her get through her conflicts
He was born with half a foot
When he played his sport, football, he had to wear a special shoe(blunt shoe)
People didn't make a big deal about his foot
He had gadgets to help him get through his conflict
Bethany Hamilton
She is a courageous,hard working,and optimist young lady because a month after the attack she got back on her board and continued to surf. She lost 60% of her blood and survived several surgeries. She also was positive during recovery. Bethany Hamilton created a foundation called friends of Bethany which supports shark attack survivors. She was able to touch a large amount of people with her message.
Tom Dempsey
He was hardworking, fearless and never quit just because he didn't have any toes. Tom also didn't have any fingers, but he never used that as an excuse. He liked to hit people and didn't really care. Tom Dempsey also set the league record for longest field goal. He got kicked off the team at his college because he punched his coach. When he had time off of football he was a bricklayer and a wrestler
Athletes and their barriers
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