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diffusion of soccer

No description

Alex Torgler

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of diffusion of soccer

the spread of soccer through cultural diffusion The spread of soccer increases with the attraction of an idol that changes the game and makes it much more intriguing Pele Messi Beckham Soccer within the U.S.A is expanding due to the amount of money the clubs invest in their players and the expanding fan base in the country. brazil national team La Galaxy Barcelona FC Since modern soccer originated from England it has become extremely popular in central America, Africa, Australia and south America since 1815 and starting to expand into the youth population world wide. Most of the world refers to soccer as futbol or fute-ball. What separates futbol from other sports is that it is a game of speed and dexterity and makes it an intense mental game as well as little equipment is required to play it recreationally making it easy for 3rd world societies to obtain and desire the sport Traces of soccer were scene being played in the second and third century Han Dynasty with leather balls and makeshift nets when modern soccer was developed it started from the heart of England's private school as a sporting activity or recreational play Rules started to develop, and clubs started to form. when travelers and shipping companies went to foreign lands they taught the natives the sport which rapidly diffused through S.south America and western Europe. http://library.thinkquest.org/11431/history.htm http://www.historyofsoccer.info/ http://pinterest.com/rlandato/soccer-idols/ http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/business/big-soccer-clubs-grow-their-business-340125.html Work cited there are 200 Official FIFA teams in the world and 20,000 unofficial but competitive teams world wide with 79 U.S. soccer stadiums and over 5,000 worldwide soccer has spread from China to greece and from there to the Americas and has diffused drastically but over 2000 years though many things have change but the sport has spread worldwide. Over 70% of the worlds population has it as the number one or a top watch and favored sport (mainly in African and south American countries) soccer was inaugurated into the olympics in 19o9 at the pairs olympics but was played in the original olympics in Greece. the Denmark team won that year of 1910. map of diffusion
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