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Biohacking Bratislava 01/2016

No description

Juraj Bednar

on 14 March 2017

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Transcript of Biohacking Bratislava 01/2016

Thank You!
ITčkar a zdravie?

Exponenciálny rozvoj!
Fat: Good vs. bad
Three morning fat drinks
Get a blood test!
Meditation - and not the hippie stuff
Lowers blood pressure
Reduce inflammation
Reduces anxiety
Fixes headaches
Mood enhancing
Pain management
Build your immune function
Reduce fatigue
Control stress hormones
Fat energy
Using your freedom, becoming superhuman


Bulletproof Coffee
Fat Matcha
- coffee (great quality)
- grass-fed butter (alternative: ghee, cocoa butter)
- MCT oil - ketones
- blend, it's not enough to mix with a spoon!
- optional add-on: cinnamon
- 1/4 tsp turmeric
- 1/2 tsp matcha green tea
- 1/4 tsp cardamon & vanilla
- 1 tbsp MCT oil
- 2 tbsp grass-fed butter

Bad fats
- Sunflower oil, rapeseed oil => throw it to the trash, never use it for anything. Cell membranes are made of fat!
Good fats
- long lasting energy without spikes
- Coconut oil, butter / ghee, animal fat => good for everything, including cooking
- MCT oil (from coconut) => the fastest, long lasting energy
- Olive oil => great, but not for cooking
My approach: Carbs in the evening
Don't forget to eat!
Almost everyone is deficient in
Vitamin B12
Magnesium - hack: well-absorbed through skin (magnesium bath or spray:)
Vitamin D - hack: you can eat week's supply at once, body can store vitamin D
Melatonin, but you are probably using it wrong
Blue light spectrum switches between serotonin
and melatonin production
Jetlag hack: Three days before, take 0.5mg melatonin at target zone's sunset. NOT timed release melatonin. Avoid sunlight.
At target zone's sunrise, turn ON lights
f.lux for Mac OS X / Windows
Twilight for Android
Night Mode for iOS >= 9.3
Improved concentration
Break bad habits
Improves memory
Increased creativity
Better sleep
~ 6000 studies
Why does it work?
Food as
Food allergies vs. intolerance
“When it comes to track record, it’s hard to beat mother nature”

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Your body is not a bank account (calories), it's a chemical lab!

Allergy: immunolglobulin E => histamine release, fast reaction (seconds to minutes)

Real intolerance: you don't have enzyme to digest (gluten, lactose, casein)

Sensitivity: immunoglobulin G - slower than IgE (hours to days), chronical problems with immunity

Food reactions: insulin spike & crash

All types often cause inflammation
Debugging & fixing
(esp. unfermented)
Dairy (casein, lactose)
3 weeks off, 1 week test
The "no-added-sugar" myth

Don't juice fruit (at least blend it), orange
juice is a sugar bomb (and if you want vitamins and phytonutrient, you would get more from a handful of berries)

Fructose messes up with your hormones, even if low in glycemic index!
Water, mineral water, tea, coffee
(needed for absorption of vitamins and minerals, energy)
(vitamins, minerals, ...)
Intermittent fasting
Almost everyone benefits from fish oil / krill oil / cod liver oil (omega3)
Healthy fats (butter/ghee, olive oil, coconut oil, animal fat)
Fish oil (krill oil, cod liver oil)
Chia seeds
Bio eggs
Chlorella / Spirulina
If you drink alcohol, with every glass:
one vitamin C pill
glass of water
active charcoal, chlorella or spirulina
Beware of fluoride and chlorine, heavy metals. Gravity filters are best (I use Propur, which filters glyphosate too)
Also: SleepCycle Alarm Clock (iOS), Sleep as Android


The brainwaves
Different ways of thinking
The myth of "levels"
All brainwaves are good! (for something)
Shit, the tiger's gonna eat me! RUN!
You got a new e-mail!
someone posted on your timeline!
I gotta run and do this fast then I get to pick the kids from school and the evening meeting and I haven't finished the paper yet...
The creative mind
NOT relaxation! It is a high energy state (alpha tan! you can't sleep when alpha waves are on)
Close your eyes
It is nothing, but a different kind of
Use it for energy, to wake up, to invent, create, calm down, think
Thomas Edison
Dosing off, but you can make some in the waking
"Manifesting", influencing people,
changing yourself
Deep dreamless sleep, but you can make them while conscious too
Alpha in the frontals => good in strategic planning
To create alpha, avoid caffeine,
nicotine, alcohol and garlic
Cortisol Circadian Rhythm
How to reverse adrenal burn-out
saliva testing to determine cortisol levels
SLEEP, at least 8 hours nightly. In bed by 10pm.
eat in regular intervals to maintain stable blood sugar
eat enough calories for healing
eat hormone-building, nutrient dense foods and good fats
stop chugging coffee
support digestion with probiotic foods
minerals and vitamin C
adaptogenic herbs
B vitamins
address stress in job, relationships
Rise & Shine
Turmeric, Himalayan Salt, Lemon Juice, Warm water - right after you wake up.
Follow soon with coconut/MCT oil
Passion Maté
Maté + hot water, blend in blender thoroughly
Filter, put back into blender.
Add cacao butter, MCT oil and stevia+vanilla to taste.

Don't drink too much, it is STRONG!
Immune system & energy hacks
Body's master antioxidant
Not easy to absorb orally
Made by liver
Helps other antioxidants
Pyrroloquinoline Quinine (PQQ)

PQQ is a powerful cellular nutrient that helps your brain & body more efficiently generate and burn energy
The genes...
1000 years....
Janka & 2x Ken
How does a 500 years old human look like?
So... how to live until 1000?
Čo je to hyperproduktivita
Rôzne stavy mysle

Na raňajky modafinil, cez deň 10 káv?

Rôzne spôsoby kreatívneho myslenia, ...
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