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Tangrams for MAP

TSW practice using tangrams as a resource for MAP Testing.

Michael Goorsky

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Tangrams for MAP

Create a triangle using exactly 2 pieces and classify it.

isoscoles right
scalene acute
equilateral obtuse Tangrams are Chinese puzzles made up of seven shapes.
"Tang" - Chinese Tang Dynasty
"gram" - graph
In Chinese, Tangram is pinyin, which means seven boards of skill Create a parallelogram using exactly 3 pieces. MATERIALS What are tangrams? What is found in a tangram? IMAGINE AND BUILD What is it And this TANGRAMS How long will you take using all the shapes Solution: Other uses Other types of tangrams How could you use tangrams for Map Testing? Make a trapezoid using exactly 4 pieces. Solution: Isosceles Triangles Square Rhombus Cut out your tangram TSW practice using tangrams as a resource for MAP Testing. Make a square using exactly 2 pieces. Create a pentagon using exactly 3 pieces. Make some shapes:

1. Try to copy shapes on the sheets.
2. Make up new tangram pictures.
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