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Green Community

No description

Muhammad Zahoor

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of Green Community

There are many ways to create a green community. As a community building company here are our ideas to develop and create a green community!
Smart, Green, Homes
If you want a green community you have to start off with green homes. As a result Uptown houses are helping us develop green homes by changing the smart house to make it even greener. One green features of the smart house are: motion sensor lights so when you're not in a room or are sleeping the lights will automatically turn off. Another green feature of the smart home is having renewable power to power homes (wind power, hydro electricity and the sun). Thesare
Green Transportation
Today in everyday community, transportation is powered mostly and sometimes always powered by fossil fuels. What Green Communities Inc. wants is to provide green transportation for the people living in the community. A green way of transportation is a hovercraft since it using wind to travel instead of fuel. As a result car owners will not be riding cars, they will be riding hovercraft shaped and designed like a car. Buses will be powered by the fuel, Biomass. Biomass is organic matter turned into power. Biomass can be powered by cow manure, sugar can and specific types of wood.

Overall communities will have green transportation.
Recycling; How will it help make green communities
As you know, the definition of recycling is "convert (waste) into reusable material." In communities we will be helping there will be one recycling plant. Everyday, volunteers will collect recycling and deliver it to the plant. From there, scrap like metal water bottles can turn into glass. There are many other combinations. Here are some:
a coke can turn into an aircraft part
a plastic bottle can turn into a patio table
a juice box can be turned into cardboard

These are just few of the endless possibility's waste can be turned into!
there are man ways to power the green community
Green Communities Inc.
By Muhammad C and Muhammad J
Renewable energy in deeper terms
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