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mariah marion

No description

breanna thomas

on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of mariah marion

6.02 classifying chemical reactions
6.02 Classifying chemical reactions.
breanna report
System: Forest
Identifying: SO3(g) + H2O(l) -> H2SO4(aq)
Reactant: Sulfur trioxide and water
Product: sulfuric acid
Sulfuric acid will burn rainforest vegetation and it will die as result.
Chemical reaction: synthesis reaction two or more substances react to form a single product.

Sulfuric acid is responsible for acid rain. When water combines with sulfuric acid with sufficiently high levels it produce acid. Sulfuric dissolves into the water then falls from the clouds as acid rain and damages the forest vegetation and wildlife, and pollutes the forests water bodies. Much of sulfuric acid is formed by coal, oil, and gases being burned. sulfuric acid doesn’t usually kill trees it slowly weaken them by damaging their leaves. The forest receive traditional acid rain because of the acidic clouds and the fog. There is more acidic in the clouds and fog then in the rainfall. The rain also release acid into the soil and the plant suck up that water from the soil and the animal eat the plant, because of this the forest is slowly but surely dying and the organisms that live in the forest to. acid rain also have impact on building and statues, foodweb, and humans. The impact it has on building and statues is that acid have corrosive effect on buildings and statues and its slowing eating away at the material that it is made of. Wet and dry both contribute to the corrosion of materials. Acid rain also affect the food web to. Acid rain causes many problems for the plants and animals, for example if the water is contaminated from the acid rain the phytoplankton in the lakes will die and they act as food for the insects and without that the insects will die and when the insects die the animal that eat them will die off to from no food. This process will continue up the food web. acid rain cant really harm people by rain direct. Acid rain feels, look, and taste just like clean rain. But when is in the air it gets into people lungs when they inhale. Studies show that it increase illness and premature death from heart and lung disorder. we can stop this damage by stop using fossil fuels and start using renewable energy source such as solar or wind power. Use less electric as possible to prevent more fossil fuel use.v
mariah report
System: lakes and rivers
Identifying : SO3
(g) + H2O(l) → H2SO4
Reactant: Water and sulfur trioxide
Product: sulfuric acid
Chemical Reaction:
● Lakes and rivers that have sulfuric acid combined with the regular water well eventually
kill any and almost everything in the water. Due to the fact that it is an acid.
To begin with, SO3
(g) + H2O(l) → H2SO4
(aq) is an acid. Sulfuric acid is extremely damaging. Water
makes this even more dangerous because when mixed together it creates acid that is known for making
the skin burn. This acid is so dangerous that when it is being used for something it is dyed brown so that
people will be aware that this acid is very hazardous. When exposed to air it goes up as water and gives
off white fumes. It can react with water creating sulfuric acid. They use the acid to create fertilizers,
explosives, other acids, and glue; in the purification of petroleum; in the pickling of metal; and in
lead­acid batteries. It is odorless and colorless. It is corrosive to metals and tissues. It can even char wood
and anything else of matter on contact. It isn't likely to cause a fire. Sulfuric acid can also cause great
damage to humans, buildings, forest and the food webs. Sulfuric acid burns and is corrosive to the skin
and can cause permanent or life threatening damage . Sulfuric acid can damage building also when acid
rain falls and drenches building or statues it can corrode the building ( for example, leshan buddha in
china is slowly but surely corroding because of the acid rain). Acid rain can cause tremendous harm to the
forest because like my partner was explaining in her essay that the acid rain falls and the leaves on the
trees and plants absorb it the the animals eat the trees and leaves and can die. Also can Cause damage to
the food web because planktons to die then when the plankton all the fishes that feed off of them will die
and then the bigger fish that eats the smaller fish die. With that being said sulfuric acid is noting to play
with. It is very harmful acid that can damage anything and everything in its way.
breanna: i felt that mariah was a good partner and works really hard we had miss communication in the beginning but i fell that our project came together really good in the end. she had an excellant report and covered her part very well she was an amazing person to work with.
mariah: in the end i really enjoyed this collaboration. i think that the beginning was shaky beacuse i had more than one breanna in the class but eventually we work that issue out. i think that she a good worker and we both put in the same amount of effort. her essay was very thought out and accurate. overall she was nice and easy to work with.

in this project we learned about how acid rain has effected many things in the world and what causes the acid rain which is the fossil fuels we burn for our energy. we even thought of ways we can help to resolves this problem such as driving the car less and walking more or car pooling with people also we thought about solar power which we are kind of seeing more of today many companies are using solar power for there enegry which is really good beacuse acid rain is making a big change in the world and we all change that if we all work toegther bcause acid rain is effecting our river and lakes, forest, buildings and status, and us humans this toxic is effecting all these things and they can be stop before it get any worse.

mariah marion & breanna thomas

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