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62 Ideas to Help School Children Experience Real-Life & Work

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DaVinci Institute

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of 62 Ideas to Help School Children Experience Real-Life & Work

Obvious & Existing
Which one is yours?
A high school director needs a way to use the school's knowledge of and influence over pupils to continuously engage them in the real-world working environment of the schools city/ region from a very early age in order to give them the information, contacts and experiences necessary to prepare them for the time after school.
& more
the most practical idea

Start early by playing shop, fire fighter, space man as part of a 'Play Life' week. Then develop more complicated model scenarios when kids get older (play boss, play mayor, play UN,...). Use more facts, more role playing and more real experts to evaluate/ participate.
favorite idea

A child, adolesent, young adult, adult, older adult and pensioner team up as coaching team for life. As they get older, new people join the team. They can be very open as they are not related and have no personal motives to steer them in a particular direction. At the same time, they form a long-term bond - there to listen and help. The new extended family in times of nuclear families.
the most disruptive idea

From day 1, students create a growing percentage of their own curriculum, based on their interests and motivation. They will also have to find fellow students to fill their classes, mentors, teachers and guest lecturers to invite and support them. Not only will students be the 'owners' of their education, they will also be the stuarts, learning lots in the creation process itself.
Play Life @ School
Self-Created Curricula
Buddys for Life
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