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Lord of the Flies

Chapter 12

Alex Phillips

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies

Double click anywhere & add an idea Lord of the Flies Chapter 12 Quotes Characters Symbols Plot Questions Literay Devices Research Ralph - Protagonist; Has to run and hide for his life from Jack and the savages.
Samneric - Taken captured by Jack and are forced to be in alliance with him and the savages. They help Ralph but are later tortured to give up his position. Jack - Antagonist; Leader of the Savages. Main goal is to kill Ralph. Roger - Jack's Enforcer. Terrifies Samneric and Ralph. Robert - Only job is to keep guard of Castle Rock for the savages. Savages - Listen to their leader Jack. Driven to kill Ralph. Naval Officer - Comes and rescues the boys after seeing the island on fire.
Is not impressed with the boys behavior. "No. They're not as bad as that. It was an accident." - Ralph
- This quote said by Ralph shows that he is trying to justify the killings of his two friends Simon and Piggy. He is trying to ease his own mind into believing that Jack and the savages are not capable of killing him. "Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!" - Savages
- This chant symbolizes the demeaning character of the boys and there true vicious ways. "But what are you going to do when you catch me?" - Ralph
- This line which is repeated many times by Ralph when speaking to Samneric shows Ralph's fears now that he knows he is alone and is being hunted. Also he uses the word when instead of if meaning he knows he will eventually be caught. "I should have thought that a pack of British boys - you're all British, aren't you would have been able to put up a better show than that - I mean -" - Naval Officer
- The Naval Officer thinks that since the boys are British they should be more civilized and proper. However this thinking is hypocritical because the British Naval Officer his involved in a war which is uncivilized.
"Who's boss here?" "I am" - Naval Officer and Ralph
- This quick response by Ralph that hes the boss shows that the whole time the boys were on the island Ralph was the true leader and not Jack. *Ironies* One irony that occurs in Chapter 12 involves being rescued due to the destructive island fire set by Jack. This is ironic in two ways. The first way this is ironic is because the fire set to the island was meant for an evil purpose to kill Ralph but ended up being the best thing any of the boys did. Another way this is ironic is because Jack, who only cares about hunting, set the fire and not Ralph who was the main supporter of using signal fires to be rescued. Another irony that takes place in Chapter 12 involves how the naval officer talks to the boys at the end of the novel. The naval officer is surprised how the boys are acting and says that since they are British they should be acting more civilized. This is ironic and hypocritical because the naval officer is only in the area because of a war taking place, which is uncivilized behavior no different then the boys. Theme The main theme at the end of the novel Lord of the Flies seems to be the loss of innocence and identity. This can be seen mainly at the end when the boys realize they have actually been rescued. Instead of jumping for joy mostly all the boys look at themselves and others while continuing to cry because they finally realized what they have become and know they are not who they were when they first stepped foot on the island. Pig's skull (lord of the flies) - Towards the middle of the chapter Ralph stumbles upon and a skull on a stick known to Simon as the lord of the flies. The skull or lord of the flies parallels a devine figure watching over them on the island. This presence can even be felt by Ralph when the narrator says that, "the skull regarded Ralph like one who knows all the answers and won't tell." Piggy's Spirit - Ralph refers to Piggy many times in the chapter when in time of need which connects to piggy's spirit representing comfort and guidance for Ralph. The chapter begins with Ralph hiding in the bushes after escaping from Jack and his savages in Chapter 11.
That night Ralph lingers around closer to Castle Rock knowing he is safe with the combination of night and the other boys feasting. He finds a stick with a skull on it, known as the lord of the flies, and smashes it in due to a wierd vibe he sensed from looking at it.
He then finds Samneric guarding the entrance of Castle Rock and learns that tomorrow all the boys will be hunting him.
The next morning Ralph hears Jack and Roger torturing Samneric to learn where he is hiding
Once his location is found the boys first use boulders to try to scare Ralph out and make it easier to spot him in the thicket
Ralph then smells smoke and realizes Jack has set the island on fire and runs for his life
While running he is spotted by a savage who gives a call signaling for help
Ralph tries to hide again but knows it is useless because of the many hunters and growing fire so he fights off some savages and bursts free
He then trips and falls on the beach and sees that a naval officer is standing over im
All of the boys finally are saved but are different mentally due to the island

The Royal Navy during WWII (Britain) Needed to carry out amphibious tasks such as in the invasion of Normandy Protected important sea lanes off the coast of North Africa, the Mediterranean, and in the Far East During WWII many naval ships were used as aircraft carriers Were not in good shape due to increase in U-boats (submarines) and aircrafts used by other countries Largest navy in the world entering WWII 1) Who is the leader of the savages that wants Ralph dead? 2) Why do Samneric give up information on where Ralph is hiding? 3) What are two ironies that occur in chapter 12? 4) Why might Ralph repeat to himself the deaths of Piggy and Simon being accidents? 5) The lord of the flies found by Ralph symbolizes what? 6) How are the boys changed mentally when they leave the island? 7) What association can be made between the naval officer and the boys? 8) What is the main theme portrayed at the end of the novel? 9) What is the significance in Ralph claiming he is the boss when asked by the Naval Officer? 10) If the naval officer never showed do u think Jack would have been capable of killing Ralph?
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