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Second Life


Michael Austin

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Second Life

Ever wish you could fly? In Second Life, you can fly around the world as your avatar. In Second Life: You create a better version of yourself called an avatar
You then step out of reality into an online virtual world where you accomplish everything you couldn't in the real world.
Second Life Currency Unless you create a business.... Or dive deep into the ocean? Or join a
massive virtual
dance party Or sport a
top hat?? Linden Dollars :
virtual currency that is
bought with real U.S. Dollars.

*These "Linden Dollars" can be exchanged for real U.S. $ *This is how goofballs
that participate in this
"second life" become
poor Then you're ready to rock Second Life is basically an online video game, where you control your avatar with a computer. You can interact with other people who are also controling their avatars through their computers It's not really a video game though because there are no objectives; you just kind of just roam around this virtual world and do what ever you please
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