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Japanese History

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Transcript of Japanese History

Japanese Bushido Samurai Japan The Rape Of
Nangking/ Nanjing Kon'nichiwa I- Bombing of Pearl Harbor II - Nuclear Bomb of Nagasaki and Hiroshima World War II WHY, HOW Hiroshima (left) and Nagasaki (right) Ivan Vera
Rachael Rognerud
Shirley Mok
Willy Choi
Tim Yuen I. 10th - 19th century
II. “Those who serve
III. Bodyguards to Lords in Japan
IV. Lived by honor of code and value
V. Bravery and loyalty to their lord
VI. Prefer death to defeat Bushido: The of Life of a Warrior
(3)Martial Art Mastery
(5) The seven virtues to end war The Forgotten Holocaust Japan's Capital: Tokyo Main Religions - Shinto, Buddhism & Christianity Written Language : Kanji National Flag Japan, Nippon, Nihon :
Land of the rising sun Accomplishments Japanese Inventions Bullet Train Compact Disc Stereotypes Portable Music Player Japanese people eat sushi for every meal
Japanese people only drink sake and cannot handle their alcohol
Japanese people eat whale and dolphin
Japanese are ignorant of history
They watch anime and read manga all the time, even while sleeping Camcorder
Digital SLR Camera
Video Cassette
Camcorder Playstation
Compact Disc
Blu-Ray Dic
Bullet Train
Flat Panel Display
Portable CD player
Pocket Calculator Instant Noodles August 25, 1958 - Nissin Chikin Ramen was born.
As of 2010, 95 billion servings of instant noodles are eaten worldwide every year.
China consumes 42 billion servings per year while the US consumes 4 billion.
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