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The Giving Tree Plot Chart

No description

Emily Martinez

on 14 October 2016

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Transcript of The Giving Tree Plot Chart

The Giving Tree
Book by: Shel Silverstein
Prezi by: Emily Martinez

The Giving Tree
Book by: Shel Silverstein
The tree runs out of things to give the boy.
Rising Action 1
The boy wanted money so the tree told him to take her apples and sell them.
Rising Action 3
The boy asks for a boat to sail away so the tree told him to take her trunk to make a boat.
Time went by, the boy grew older, and the tree got lonely.


The Forest
the Giving Tree Is constantly providing things for a boy, for her enjoyment.
The Giving Tree = Protagonist
The Boy = antagonist
The tree invites the boy to sit on her stump so he can rest.
No matter what, you always have something to give.

Don't be selfish, like the boy.
Rising Action 2
Falling Action 1
Falling Action 2
The boy wants a house so the tree told him to take her branches to make a house.
The tree apologizes to the boy for not having anything else to give him.
The boy says he doesn't need much now but a place to rest.
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