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Schindler's List

Film Studies Project

Jared Brown

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Schindler's List

Jared Brown Schindler's List How does the production team work to shape reality in a film? The most effective moment in a film to elicit a response. The production team can shape the reality in a film by creating a set that looks visually realistic and using costumes and actors that bring the scene to life. What affect does the film have on you mentally and emotionally, as a result of the cinematic reality? Depending on the scene and what was leading up to that moment, the affect can be various. The most effective time to elicit an emotional response is during the climax of the movie. Usually this is because the film has begin to progress and build upon each scene until the major turning point happens http://www.g-pop.net/images/schindlersList4.jpg https://theswaproom.com/images/upload/8143f8ca6dc05043c26aee1c60eb6f149906ffe2.gif In this scene the SS are evicting the Jews from the ghetto and during the scene it gets very intense. In this scene the Oskar is watching from a hill and is following a little Jewish girl who is dressed in a red coat. He later sees the little girl in the burn pile at the concentration camp. In this scene, Goeth is randomly targeting the Jews in his camp. We, as the audience know that he will probably kill someone, but we do not know who or why. http://www.heyuguys.co.uk/images/2010/11/SCHINDLERS_LIST-14.jpg In this scene, the bodies of the dead Jews are being burned in a massive pit and the remains buried by the surviving Jews. http://www. youtube.com/watch?v=mLSI8z6EcAs http://dvdmedia.ign.com/dvd/image/SCHINDLERS_LIST-19_640w.jpg In this scene you see Oskar change from someone who is only concerned with loosing a profit because the Jews are being forced into camps to being concerned with the well being of the Jews after he sees the atrocities that are being committed. He also sees the little girl that he watched from the hillside being carried off to the burn pit in a wheelbarrow.
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