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Maximum Performance Vs Typical Performance

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Dharshini Radhakrishnan

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Maximum Performance Vs Typical Performance

Types of Assessment Procedures
Maximum Performance
Typical Performance
Max. Per.
assessments that are used to determine a person's developed abilities/achievements
Max. Per.
what they CAN do when they put in adequate effort
Max. Per.
1. Aptitude test: predicts success in future learning activity

2. Achievement test: reflects the level of understanding/degree of success on what they have already learned
Max. Per.
In conclusion, maximum performance measures a student's ability
Typ. Per.
assessments that reflects a person's typical behaviour
Typ. Per.
what they WILL do, rather than what they can do
Typ. Per.
interviews, questionnaires, observations, self-evaluations

*however, a few techniques need to combined to get an accurate results
Typ. Per.
emphasizes on getting responses rather than getting high scores/good results, because it is a method to assess student's interest/attitude
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