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No description

Eliana Viviani

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of ACCOUNTING

By: Eliana Viviani
I aspire to one day become a successful accountant. I feel I have the right skills and educational qualifications to make accounting as a career. I am comfortable with numbers and love working with them.
This occupation will allow me to have a successful future. My goal is to become a financial manager one day. However, I believe that I need to understand the financial processes. I believe that I can acquire this knowledge working as an accountant. Work hard will always be a must.
Daily tasks
The primary task for accountants is to maintain the financial records and cash flow data for their companies. Accountants track the trends in company income and assets over a month, or a year. accountants prepare financial statments to allow business owners and stockholders to determine the companies financial strengths and areas for improvement. Although the financial statements take some time to develop, accountants must accomplish several daily tasks to keep these records accurate and up-to-date.
- Information Collection:
Accountants must gather and collect company financial information from a wide range of sources.
- Financial Analysis
Daily accounting tasks are not limited to the collection of data. Accountants must also analyze the data and determine what it means for the company's health.
- Ledger Entry
Once the data is assembled and collected, accountants enter the data into sophisticated software programs
- Financial Reports
one of the most important tasks for any accountant is the generation of financial reports.
Information collect
financial analysis
Ledger Entry
managing employees
Understanding financial reports
The toughest aspects of working as an accountant are :

- working under pressure.
You always have to respect deadlines.

- managing employees.

-understanding financial reports.

keeping up with new accounting rules and regulation.
Most difficult tasks
Becoming a successful accountant you must complete highschool education as well as cegep and university degree.
In order to successed you must work hard and be discipline in your studies .

You can never make enough money!
nonetheless a resonable salary is $85, 000.
Such a high salery is to compensate for hard work and the stress and pressure of an accountant.
Bombardier is a multy national aviation company
Quebecor is a company related to news and journals.
Forest fibers is a company related to the recycling indestry
The three companies are:

1- Bombardier

2- Quebecor

3-Forest Fibers

If I would have the oppertunity to decide on which company, I would choose
because the company has many different offices all around the world. This would allow me to visite and explore new contries while I'm working.
-My dedication to put in many hours

9:00 - 5:30 of work hours

-my technical abilities and my knowledge to put in the accounting field.

-my abilities to think and appropriate under pressure.
I live everday with my parents who work in this field. Therefore, I know exactly what is required to succeed.
My future

This type of work will allow me to own the following:
-A very spacious home.
- A car
- I would need to have a budget but i would be able to afford certain things such as:
- eating out in restaurants
- going on vacation
- buying little pleasures of life
Most accountants wear professional outfits.

men: women:

Usually men wear suits and ties

Women wear suits with a skirt or either pants for such reason most be perseved to look perfessional

= hard work
= pressure
My parents are accountants who like the challenges that this type of prefession brings.
= green
Mom and Dad
who inspired me?
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